STOP the cliché! Renewal at the typical Chamonix restaurant, Le Monchu 2.0.

Le Monchu restaurant de spécialités

Ah, I’ll take it from here, it’s not because the restaurant is called the Monchu (in other words the tourist) that it’s a tourist catcher! Lately, the typical Chamonix restaurant, for almost 50 years, has been rejuvenated. And I’m not just talking about renovations, I’m going to tell you about 4 new features and 2 important assets that will force you to go and check it out. It would be a pity to stay stuck in your preconceived ideas…

Welcome to Monchu 2.0 ! This typical Chamonix restaurant, existing since 1972, has undergone some changes lately. If you think that you can only eat Savoyard specialities, then read this article, you might have a different idea about the place!

#1 New bosses

Restaurant typique de Chamonix

Do you believe in love at first sight? I mean, you meet people and it’s an instant hit? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me when I met Claire and François. Dynamic, funny, full of ideas and energy, but above all passionate about their new baby, the Monchu. The current passed and it really made me want to rediscover this traditional restaurant.

Their good mood is such that I have the impression that some Chamoniards have already elected the historic establishment as their new HQ…

#2 New decoration

Restaurant typique Chamonix

But how classy it is inside! The typical and historical decoration is still present. However, the owner has brought her feminine and modern touch which gives a mountain atmosphere of yesterday and today. You have a thousand things to look at! Objects of yesteryear, full of history and far from being kitsch, pretty frames, a polar bear that moves (it made me jump the bugger) and trendy lights! It’s hard to look your man in the eye during the meal, everything distracts you!

A little advice for lovers of refined decoration: go to the bathroom! Splendid!

As for the new logo, it announces the color of the coup de peps that Le Monchu has just offered!

#3 New Menu

Spécialités savoyardes Chamonix

Menu ! Is that what intrigues you? Claire and François have introduced new dishes. A bistro cuisine with dishes such as the poke bowl, risotto with asparagus tips or the low temperature sea trout steak which are all new to discover.

New toy in the kitchen : A braising oven

The typical Chamonix restaurant has a charcoal oven that heats to 400°C! The result: meats and vegetables are seared, the juices are concentrated and the flavors are enhanced tenfold. A nice smoky taste envelops tender meats and delicious vegetables. Gourmets will know the difference and appreciate this “striking” cooking. For my part (tested and approved).

Savoyard specialties served the old fashioned way, the DNA of the Monchu

restaurant traditionnel Chamonix

We all have cheese cravings, like mountain urges. Whether you are “monchu or local”. Rest assured, Savoyard specialties are always the stars of the menu. Here, tradition is the name of the game and we don’t mess around with cheese! Ancestral racletos with embers (for the raclettes), reblochonnade (or tartiflette) on the wood fire and various fondues are as much a visual experience as a gustatory one.

We also find the braserades and pierrades, magnified by the flavors of a wood fire cooking. Traditional dishes are served the old fashioned way and that makes all the difference!

#4 A nice wine list 

François, the owner, is a sommelier and passionate about his job. He has naturally filled the cellar with multiple wines unearthed during his peregrinations in France. It is with pleasure that he will advise you to reveal the flavors of the dishes that you will choose and titillate your taste buds.

Assets of yesterday and today

Terrasse avec vue sur le Brévent

The terrace

How can you pass by this huge terrace in the center of Chamonix, with an exceptional view of the Brevent, without wanting to sit down? After a hike or during your lunch break, try the daily menu (3 courses) at 19,50 €. Not bad, right?

The service is continuous, the restaurant is open 7 days a week and all year round, you can also come and have a gourmet snack with (or without) the kids or a well deserved aperitif. In short, you don’t need any excuses to enjoy the shaded terrace of the Monchu de Chamonix.

The various spaces

restaurant historique chamonix

What impresses me the most in this restaurant that I have rediscovered is the incredible spaces. Just like in a typical mountain chalet, different rooms allow groups and families privacy and cohesion. The upstairs has nooks and crannies and when you walk down the stairs, you can imagine memorable birthdays and special occasions!

Indeed, you can privatize this floor or only a corner, but when you see this second bar that is enthroned in the basement, you already have your feet dancing. To celebrate an event, think of Monchu, you will not be disappointed!

Le Monchu 2.0 really deserves to be known. Its new assets, whose very nice owners have only one thing in mind, to welcome you in their Savoyard restaurant in the Chamonix valley, to which they have brought a nice touch of modernity. Make way for the new life of the Monchu!

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