Taking time for yourself in Chamonix : 3 excuses

prendre du temps pour soi à Chamonix

In Chamonix, one might think that life is gentler than elsewhere, that stress is non-existent. However, whether you are a top athlete or not, almost everyone lives with a stopwatch in their hand. Taking time for oneself is here, as elsewhere, indispensable and even vital!

Cathy’s cocoon, “a moment for yourself” meets this need in many ways. Well-being, relaxation and beauty, its treatment menu honors all your desires for a Zen break. And in terms of relaxation, “un moment pour soi” launches a new concept in Chamonix that will take your mind away from your worries: the immersive relaxation with a virtual helmet.

1. Need for well-being

Cathy is much more than a relaxing masseuse. Her years of experience and multiple trainings (she is a “cognitive therapist”) will ensure you a session that goes beyond your expectations.

Acting on the fascias

During her massages, she stimulates the fascias (fibro-elastic membranes that envelop the entire anatomical structure), which allows you to relax your body in depth. By restoring their elasticity, the fascias regain flexibility, which relieves muscular and emotional tension.

To each his own massage

Moreover, her treatment card is not fixed and identical for all. When we enter Cathy’s cozy cocoon in Les Praz, she asks us a lot of questions. This is not an indiscretion, nor even an interrogation, but rather a way of getting to know her so that she can give you a massage tailored to your real needs!

Special massage for pregnant women


It’s not always easy to accept your body and live your pregnancy well. Not only does our body change, but it also discovers previously unknown tensions and discomforts. This is why Un moment pour soi honors pregnant women by offering them a completely personalized massage.

From the 4th month to term, treat yourself to a global relaxation. This specific massage brings a real relief of certain tensions and muscular stiffness.

And if mom feels good, baby feels it too. Who knows, maybe it prevents hyperactive children… If only!

2. Need to really let go

Many of us want to control everything, I mean even our emotions, our time, everything! So to relax those who don’t know how to let go, it’s not an easy task!

Immersive relaxation

Well, SCOOP, a moment for yourself has the solution. Cathy launches a new concept in Chamonix: immersive relaxation. Virtual mask on the eyes, headphones on the ears, well installed in a deckchair, your mind wanders and you can’t fight.

Rocked by the waves of a sailboat, sliding on the ski slopes, evolving in the middle of the clouds, your mind travels and you relax while listening to the soothing voice. It is a kind of visual sophrology. You don’t have to force your mind to focus, your sight and hearing do it for you.

Zen destination 

A 5-minute session may be enough to relax you, but I must admit that the 20-minute session will take you on a journey. You choose your theme: sleep, stress, self-confidence… and the atmosphere (sea, mountain, sky, animals). You see, don’t worry, at the beginning you are in control, you decide the duration, the theme and the atmosphere…

A must try! I’m telling you this because I did it and my mind was blown.

3.Looking for a beauty makeover

Taking time for yourself is also about taking time for yourself, just to look good. Feeling beautiful is one of the keys to well-being. It gives us more confidence and inevitably, we radiate much more. 

Beauty of the hands and feet

A moment for yourself is also a place for beauty. Cathy has been doing manicures for many years. A meticulous perfectionist, her semi-permanent varnish applications are impeccable. 

She uses the famous OPI brand and makes you beautiful right down to the tips of your hands, but also your feet. Our feet are often wrapped up, so taking care of them is important, especially to avoid chapping and cracking in winter.

Anti-aging face massage

It is recommended to regularly do an anti-aging massage of the face so that your skin can better accept the changes of time. The more relaxed and toned your face is, the less visible the signs of aging will be.

Cathy offers personalized anti-aging treatments. Objective: fight aging, firm and tone the face and neck. I especially like the prestige anti-aging face and skull massage in which she uses aventurine stone to relax muscles and stimulate tissues and facial reflexology. 60 minutes just for you and you leave feeling radiant.

Needing or just wanting a wellness break, to relax or to look good, are all excuses to take some time for yourself with “a moment for yourself”. So what are you waiting for?

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