SABINE MASSON FLEURS, floral composer

Fleuriste Chamonix

Chamonix Florist

While some compose piano melodies that overwhelm us, others paint messages on canvas; Sabine Masson creates unique, floral works of art that are unique to everyone. His passion for his profession has not aged a bit in 30 years of experience. Like her, who always wears a radiant smile. With each bouquet, this humble artist amazes and expresses her values! And we love it!

The art of flower therapy 

Fleuriste Chamonix

Who has never dreamed in front of this florist’s window? The storefront is always tastefully arranged. The secret: seasonal flowers and carefully chosen accessories. The composition is perfect like a canvas of a great painter.

The last time I was there, a family marveled at the heartwarming and optimistic Christmas atmosphere that Sabine and her husband Philippe had created. Here, as hypnotized by this floral ballet, worries fade away and beneficial emotions invade us.

Like a desire to cry out for love, simply, with a message subtly emanating from a bouquet. A tailor-made composition, made according to the tastes, the person and the emotions that we dare not admit. Desire also for a happy Christmas, despite everything, enlivened by wonderful, benevolent table decorations signed by this artisan-florist. Without forgetting, at the entrance, one of its specialties, a magnificent crown to open the door to better days. And candles, a multitude of candles!

Operation: breathe joy!

Fleuriste Chamonix florist

Oh rage, oh despair, that’s enough oust! Sabine’s arrangements sing about happiness and merriment, you should try! There is no need for a special occasion to offer a bouquet, as the freshness and quality of the flowers are always there.

At Sabine and Philippe, respect for the product, like for producers elsewhere, is essential! That’s why you’ll never find preservatives or so-called miracle products. Why wait for her birthday, Valentine’s Day or a dinner invitation to please and say that you are thinking of her, him, them? And above all, offer a good puff of joy!

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