Rainy days ? 4 good reasons to have a PlanB in Chamonix,

Que faire à Chamonix quand il pleut?

Do you know what PlanB can do for you?

This hotel-restaurant is above all a place of life for all, holidaymakers and locals alike.

Is it raining or are you bored? Think PlanB! Games, activities and entertainment promise you great moments of sharing. Lunch or dinner with your family? PlanB will meet your expectations, as the setting lends itself to group meals. And what you may not know is that PlanB offers a variety of solutions if you need a meeting space, an office or to organize an event.

Survey on the 4 good reasons to have a PlanB in mind!

# 1 What to do in Chamonix when it rains?

Rainy day in Chamonix ? No need to worry! Think PlanB and come with your family for an afternoon of bowling, billiards, table soccer and arcade games.

A bowling game

bowling à chamonix

Are you nostalgic for the bowling parties at Cham Sud where you used to go out and see the world again? Didn’t you see that this historical place of Chamonix has been renovated and has multiplied the opportunities to go there again?

A 15 m mini bowling alley allows you to have a great time at a low cost (4 € per game/person). Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm, the pretty lane can accommodate up to 5 players.

Billiards and other games

billard à Chamonix

We agree, rainy day or not, nothing stops you from having fun at PlanB. In addition to bowling, you can play a game of pool, a foosball tournament or play in the arcade.

I say, the winner pays the snack or the aperitif, it’s up to you…

# 2 What to do today in Chamonix with kids ? : PlanB’s activities

déjeuner en famille Chamonix

There is always a good excuse to go to PlanB! But the 3rd Wednesday of the month is the kids’ day!

The kids’ boom every 3rd wednesday of the month

From 2pm until 5pm, the kids can dance like grown-ups! Kenzie the DJ, on the turntables, will play the songs they love and the atmosphere is incredible!

This boom is free, on registration, by calling 04 85 30 01 60. Parents must be present. Parents who can enjoy the after party at the bar, from 5:30 pm to 8 pm.

#3 Where to go for a quick family meal or lunch in Chamonix?

espace enfants Chamonix

Even to eat, you have a PlanB!

You’re in a hurry at noon, you only have an hour break! Sit down at PlanB, you’ll come out full and you’ll even have time to rest for 15 minutes!

Let yourself be tempted by the daily special at 15€!

In the evening, discover a generous and tasty brasserie menu in all simplicity.

# 4 Where to rent a room for my event in Chamonix? 

No problem, only solutions

bar restaurant Chamonix

Are you tired of working from home, don’t know where to hold your next meeting or are you looking for a room to host a birthday party? Relax, there is always a PlanB!

PlanB is first and foremost a brand new intergenerational meeting place that meets multiple needs. Also, sitting with your computer while drinking a coffee is very inspiring.

These spaces are just waiting to be used! If an association needs a room, an entrepreneur a temporary store or friends a place to sleep for less than 50 € ? PlanB meets all these expectations.

To conclude, you understood it, I think, PlanB is for locals and vacationers a bit the HQ of all!

Impossible to get bored in Chamonix! A sentence to which Sherlock would answer: “Elementary my dear Watson, there is always a PlanB“!

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