2 lunch options for a quick lunch on the ski slopes!

click'n collect sur les pistes Chamonix

The Click n’ Collect, we heard about it a lot during the confinements, but in fact, it was not new! The high altitude restaurants of the Chamonix valley had already launched the concept to not lose a single second of ride on the ski slopes and have a quick lunch. Ah ah, doesn’t it appeal to you? Then read this instead!

Ski longer with the 2 take-away restaurants

click n' collect Lognan

Among the 14 high restaurants in the Chamonix valley, two of them offer click’n collect, Tendance Foehn in La Flégère and Le Spot in Grands Montets. 

What is the interest? Well, it’s very simple, don’t wait to eat and shorten your lunch break.

As much as some people appreciate a good meal on a sunny terrace that allows them to rest their thighs after a morning of skiing, some people don’t want to waste a minute and prefer to eat on a chairlift. 

OK, but what’s the connection between take-away and click’n collect

The difference between take-away and click’n’collect 

le spot Lognan

To reduce the waiting time at the take-away and make the most of your ski day, you can now order online

Simply scan this QR code or click on the click n’collect link, choose a menu, a snack, a cold formula or a hot dish, pay online and pick up your order at a dedicated pick-up counter. 

In other words, you don’t have to wait in line and therefore you save time and patience. But be careful, you still have to order from the restaurant in the area where you are…

When you flash, choose Tendance Foehn in La Flégère or Le Spot, in Lognan. 

What and where do we eat?

The Spot in Lognan at the Grands Montets domain

click n' collect l'adret

The Spot in Lognan at the Grands Montets domain

  • Hot dishes (panini, fish & chips, sausages, fries…)
  • Menus/formulas
  • Sandwiches
  • Desserts (muffins, pastries…)
  • Drinks (soft and alcoholic drinks)

The Tendance Foehn at the Brévent – Flégère domain

Open every day until the end of April, this takeaway restaurant offers you 

  • Hot dishes 
  • Salty snacks
  • Desserts
  • Sweets
  • Drinks (soft drinks and alcohol)

The advantages of Click n’collect

tendance foehn

To summarize in case you didn’t understand. Between two descents in the fresh snow (or not), at La Flégère or Grands Montets, on your chairlift or even better, in the warmth of the gondola, you grab your phone and :

  1. You flash the QR Code to access the click n’collect menu
  2. You choose what you want to eat
  3. You pay online
  4. You pick up your order at the desired time (don’t delay or it will be cold ;-))
  5. You don’t wait
  6. You have lunch in the sun
  7. You ski again without having lost a minute of your day.
  8.  You are full and satisfied!

Now, let’s go for the time! Get some altitude, ski or snowboard and don’t worry about the lunch break! Keep cool and enjoy! Isn’t it nice here, on the slopes of the Chamonix valley? Where the click n’collect takes a whole new dimension! 

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