JOIA, much more than a pizzeria, the Italian address in Chamonix!

pizzeria Joia


Who doesn’t know the Pizzeria des Moulins by JOIA? Its exquisite pizzas and its gargantuan brunches? But did you know that JOIA is also two other divine Italian addresses on the rue des Moulins in Chamonix? La Bottega or shop*, where you can find the Italian products used in the recipes of the pizzeria and, opposite, L’Aperitivo, the tapas and cocktails bar where DJs set the terrace on the Arve side on fire. 

In short, to dine in or at home, and to go out in Chamonix, here are 3 reasons to go to JOIA and as many ideas to organize your events there. * Unfortunately closed this winter due to lack of staff. 

#1 JOIA by la Pizzeria des Moulins

Let’s start with the must-visit Italian restaurant in Chamonix: JOIA by Pizzeria des Moulins

pizzeria chamonix

It is the sumptuous decoration that first attracted me. Original, muffled, Joëlle, the owner made the place magical. And then I tasted a pizza, then two, then three (not on the same day I assure you), but always as many explosions of flavors! It seems that the pizzeria of the mills has something addictive. 

More than 60 pizzas on the menu

If you like crispy, gourmet pizza doughs, embossed toppings, and a burrata that sits in the middle of your pizza, then look no further! JOIA‘s homemade, family-style dishes are as much a treat for the eyes as they are for your stomach! Edible works of art!

How can you resist the truffle gnocchi, calzone bella or Amore Mio ravioli? The hardest part is deciding. What will I eat? Everything makes me want to!  Over 60 pizzas, can you imagine? To help you, check the menu beforehand, otherwise you’ll already have gobbled up two Spritz before you decide… 

The best brunches in Chamonix  

meilleur brunch de Chamonix

The irresistible pizzas and pastas at JOIA are one thing, but wait until I tell you about the brunches! On the spot or to go, I’m telling you straight out, JOIA prepares the best brunches in Chamonix! So you have to fast the day before, be numerous or make room in the fridge for the following days, because it’s HUGE! 

Friendly advice and a good plan in Chamonix to know: order the brunch, you will melt with greed like Nutella melts on pancakes. Discover it every day of the week (except Monday) for 25 €. And guess what? This formula exists in a box aperitif! Just as crazy! (Tested and approved too)

#2 L’Apéritivo, cocktail bar

Before going to the table at the Pizzeria des Moulins or just because you want to sit down, with friends, on the terrace on the Arve side, settle down at the Apéritivo, the cocktail and tapas bar opposite the Pizzeria and the grocery store. 

Festive evenings

Every night, to the sound of a DJ, exchange the latest gossip, a cocktail in one hand and an aperitif board in the other. Good evening guaranteed until 2am! Find the program here

#3 All the menu on the spot or to go

We love lunch or dinner at JOIA. The setting is original, tastefully decorated and upstairs, you can even see the Aiguille du Midi from the window! But we also love having brunch at home, in our pajamas on Sunday morning. 

And good news for the homebound, the whole menu of the Pizzeria des Moulins is available here to take away! To have lunch or dinner at home, call 04 50 53 89 47 after having checked the menu above. 


How about some events?

organiser un événement à chamonix

You read it, JOIA is huge and ideal to organize your event! On the pizzeria side, two floors allow for 80 covers (in normal times). You can privatize one or more rooms, decorate to your liking or even take advantage of the available photobooth! 

Imagine your bachelorette party, your birthday or even your wedding in these amazing spaces. Unforgettable!

To find out more and discover the places, send an email to

Can you see more clearly on these three good Italian addresses in Chamonix by JOIA?

To sum up: JOIA is a Chamonix Italian restaurant, a cocktail and tapas bar for crazy evenings and an Italian menu available entirely for takeaway. So where do you start?  

To know everything about synthetics and to find its coordinates, consult the card “why it is a good address”.