La Tour de Pizz “, pizzas on the spot or to take away and much more…

La Tour de Pizz Les houches

We go to the Tour de Pizz’, in Les Houches, for two reasons: the delicious home-made pizzas and the owners, Cécile and Cédric. Generous, dynamic and friendly, they are the image of their cooking! On the spot or to take away, when you have a craving for an Italian restaurant or when you are lazy to get into the kitchen, think of la Tour de Pizz’

Intimate pizzeria 

Pizza sur place ou à emporter Les houches

Nestled in the corner of the Place de la Fruitière, La Tour de Pizz’ seems tiny at first glance. But it’s not just a fast food storefront! Oh no! It actually hides a nice room as well as a small terrace in the front row to enjoy the surrounding animation of the Bellevue cable car.

restaurant Les Houches

The restaurant is intimate. Yes, you read it right, La Tour de Pizz’ is not only a pizzeria, it’s an Italian restaurant. Just as animated as the outside, in the kitchen, it doesn’t go piano, piano… You take pleasure in watching the boss working, pizza dough at her fingertips, turning like napkins. (sorry for the musical ref… )

So you understood (I hope) that Cécile and Cédric don’t only offer take-away pizzas. If not, you can reconsider because menu is worthy of an Italian restaurant. It’s crazy that I have to ramble on for you to understand!

For starters, all the Italian “o and a” dishes are on the menu: carpaccio, bruschetta, focaccia, but also various salads. If you’re hungry or want something other than pizza, you’ll find something to suit your taste;-).

Italian cuisine à la carte

No less than 27 pizzas!

pizza Les Houches

Of course, the stars of the Tour de Pizz‘ are none other than the… hold on to your hat, 27 pizzas! Homemade dough, generous and tasty toppings. In short, you can’t hear anyone when the pizza arrives (and sometimes I thank Cécile for this moment of calm when my chatterboxes finally shut up). There is also the free wifi which can help…

Pasta, pasta, pasta!

You’re not into pizza, but you wanted to please the rest of the family? Don’t panic, lasagna, pasta and even tartiflette are prepared with as much love at the Tour de Pizz’.

Between us, spaghetti with green pesto and raw ham, sprinkled with parmesan cheese is always a good value!

Prête à tout pour leurs desserts !

dessert à emporter les Houches

Sometimes I go to Tour de Pizz’ just to take home the famous classic tiramisu or the strawberry one. A homemade slice of heaven! You can also go for the Panna Cotta with red fruit coulis or salted butter caramel, just as delicious!

We also like the Pizzou menu at 9 € for toddlers up to 12 years old (Pizza : tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham or cordon bleu, spaghetti and tomato sauce + ice cream). A complete menu that always makes people happy.

Stop wracking your brains about tonight’s menu! Put your brain down and go to La Tour de Pizz’. The whole family will enjoy it! And if you’re really baked, you’ve already put on fangs and jogging suits, order take-out and enjoy it on your couch!

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