La Chavanne in Les Houches, nice terrace in Chamonix valley 

restaurant historique des Houches, La Chavanne

But what an indescribable pleasure to sit on a terrace in the Chamonix valley, facing the Mont-Blanc range! In Les Houches, from coffee to aperitif, including a hearty lunch in the sun! How difficult it is to take off from the seats of La Chavanne. All the more so during the events that are coming up…

Nice terrace in Chamonix valley and… quite a family!

As soon as it opens, at 8 a.m., in summer you know that your coffee on the terrace of the Chavanne will be sunny. So you can arrive groggy, bloated from the night, no one will see anything, they will be dazzled by the sun’s rays (no, not by you).

The family is already complete, Jean-Luc, the boss, exchanges with you, Alex, the son, starts slowly before joining the ovens and Steph, the boss is already active like a queen ant. The setting is set and so are you. There, in your armchair, smelling your good coffee between the flower beds, you enjoy the scene and charge your batteries for the day.

New menu

salade estivale Les Houches

The summer season is here and the father and son chefs have concocted a brand new menu for you! Calm down, I see you coming, the gargantuan burger is still on the menu! Yes, phew, we’ve been dreaming about it so much lately!

From now on, you will be able to order a salad from the Landes region, a tomato duo tartar (fresh and dried), a rack of lamb, an Italian plate… I’ll stop here, I’m drooling on my keyboard…

100 % homemade

dessert gourmand Les Houches

Everything is homemade, no frozen food at La Chavanne! This family of restaurant owners for several generations puts all its love in its kitchen and selects only quality products.

In addition to the menu, the bar-restaurant offers suggestions of the week in order to constantly renew itself and to put forward seasonal products.

The dish of the day is always in place from Monday to Friday, at lunchtime for €14.50. It includes the starter-main course-dessert, ¼ of wine and a coffee.

New concept: tapas

Also new, the aperitif menu for “afters randos” or “after work”. Charcuterie boards, focaccias and pizzas to share are now available.

Are you looking for an early evening HQ, a sunny terrace until 9pm, an exceptional view of the Mont Blanc chain and a good atmosphere? Then meet your friends at La Chavanne

Share some tapas, taste one of the 5 beers on tap and have a good time! Especially since you’ll have a few excuses in June with some great events coming up.

Theme nights and events

Euro 2021

partenaire mon petit pass

La Chavanne is going to set up new theme evenings! Paella evening, couscous… The gourmets will be served! Dishes which smell good the sun in short, to benefit from the last rays, during the dinner, until the dessert.

But this summer, it could be that we stay beyond the dessert because Jean-Luc makes take the air to his television screen on the occasion of the EURO of soccer which begins on June 11th.

Follow the matches on the terrace and encourage the blue team ! I take this opportunity to announce you the dates of the French team’s matches ; to note :

•          Tuesday, June 15 at 9 p.m.: France vs. Germany

•         Saturday, June 19 at 3 p.m.: Hungary vs. France

•          Wednesday, June 23 at 9 p.m.: Portugal vs. France (there might be some atmosphere)!

The music night (June 21st)

Fête de la musique Les Houches

When I tell you that the summer will be hot, between the reopening of the restaurant, the EURO and the pseudo heat wave that is coming, the terrace of La Chavanne will be shaking! Especially since the music festival is coming back and, in Les Houches, in this nice restaurant looking like a mountain chalet, you are really in the front row !

Orchestra on the village square, local rock band (Les Studs) and maybe DJ who will follow (depending on the curfew time…); in short, it’s mostly your feet that will catch fire from dancing! The tapas break made in La Chavanne and refreshments will be welcome!

To summarize your checklist, if you go to eat at La Chavanne, think of sunglasses if you sit on the terrace and of unbuttonable pants because the plates are really copious. Don’t miss the events of summer 2021 (EURO and music festival) and drink with moderation!

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