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Mountain sports store

Where can you rent or buy the best mountain equipment in the Chamonix valley? If you want to introduce your children to mountain sports, don’t hesitate to visit Sportech in Argentière! The store caters for all levels of mountain sports, but also for families. Whether you’re a seasoned sportsman or a beginner under the guidance of a guide, you’ll leave Sportech harnessed like a real local!

What sports are practiced in the mountains?  

magasin de sport Argentière

Top! What sports are practiced in the Chamonix valley? Alpinism, climbing, trail, hiking… Yes, bravo, these are good answers! Well OK, that was easy! Impossible to get bored in our incredible playground if you like mountain sports

But did you know that these activities require the right equipment

Thanks to Sportech, you don’t need to have all the safety equipment you need to go to the mountains, especially if you have to dust it off every year…

Here, the team advises you and offers the latest equipment for rent. You can rent everything or if you want, buy it all! Helmet, ropes, carabiners, ice axes, mountain shoes, backpack… Frankly, why clutter your garage when you can rent all the mountain equipment? This brings me to my next question: 

Who can rent from Sportech?  

Pros and amateurs

Who can rent? Mountain professionals who equip their clients, of course, but also experienced mountaineers, but also the less experienced! When I talk about amateurs, I don’t mean it in a derogatory way, I mean “people who occasionally engage in mountain activities“. 

Well, if that’s your case, Sportech can rent you all the gear of the perfect climber for example. Moreover, if you like bouldering, you should know that this sports store in Argentière even offers the crash pad for rent. The what? It’s a cushion that you put on the ground to absorb medium height falls. To be avoided at the foot of a big route…

We talk about extreme mountain sports, but let’s not forget hiking and the inevitable bivouac! It is one of the main activities, rejuvenating and accessible to all in the mountains. Here, no need to be experienced. Good walking shoes, a backpack, sticks and let’s go to enjoy it ! The advantage is that you can practice walking with your family. 

Magasin multisports de montagne Chamonix

Young and old

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It’s not always easy to find the right shoe when you’re 4 years old and want to walk the trails like mom and dad! The Sportech store is committed to making the mountain accessible to the little ones

Here, you can rent baby carriers for 10 € a day, hiking backpacks like the big ones adapted to 7-12 years old and even practice climbing from 4 years old. If you want to share a moment with your family or have your children discover the mountains, think of Sportech. You will be able to equip them in complete safety! The risk is that they will put “1 km on foot, it wears out, it wears out” in your head…

Is there a dress code in the mountains?  

Sun Valley Argentière

In the Chamonix valley, there are two quite distinct looks:

1- The proud sportsman who crosses the rue Paccard in a collar and plaster or with gaiters, harnesses and ice axes on his belt.

2- The sportsman (or not) who likes to dress up for a walk in town, after a good day of activity or just because they take care of their look.

In both cases, your wardrobe is at Sportech! For look 1, I’d go for the sublime Rossignol trail bag with its removable quiver (just gorgeous and so Frenchy)!

For look 2, I’d go for their Sun Valley® department to be feminine and casual. 

And you are more 1 or 2?

If you’re looking for a mountain sports store that caters to everyone, young and old, pros and beginners, go to Sportech, you won’t be disappointed!


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