Live my Barbie® life at OH MY DRESSING!

dépôt vente Chamonix

I wish I was a Barbie® so much! However, I am 20 cm missing on each leg. Well, if there was just that … Still at Oh my dressing, in the middle of this temple of feminine ready-to-wear, I still play model dolls!

The shop for shopping queens 

shopping Chamonix

Yes I live in the Chamonix valley and yes I like to dress like a girl! High heels, long necklace, contemporary but almost unique wardrobe, matching handbag, take up more space in my wardrobe than my shorts and sneakers.

Where do I dress? In Chamonix of course, at Oh my dressing! The boss, Sabrina, is sparkling like the sequined pumps that have been eyeing me for a while. (One day this pair of shoes will be mine, oh yes it will be mine)!

On a daily basis or for a particular event, you will find here the ideal outfit with all the accessories that go with it. You could arrive naked in this boutique of character and come out like Cinderella; revamped from head to toe!

Hermes Chamonix

Think about gifts and receptions

Christmas is coming. Isn’t this an opportunity to ask “Santa Claus” for a Hermès® piece of jewelry or a Vuitton® bag? Find great brands at Sabrina, but also clothes for smaller budgets. In short, there is something for all tastes and all budgets in this consignment store.

Why not fall for a second-hand evening dress? Besides being beautiful and unique in the store, you participate in sustainable commerce. Give a second life to this princess dress.

So who will be the prettiest at Christmas and New Year’s Eve and the happiest unwrapping their Hermès® necklace?

Women’s ready-to-wear, Outlet, All budgets

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