LE BARBIER de Chamonix (Chamonix’ barber) : Monsieur’s chair!

coiffeur homme

Olive had the beard of an old pirate. Not groomed, topped off with a few dreadlocks, but as he said, “what a beard to go to a salon where ladies conversations make my hair stand on end.” Since the opening of the Chamonix Barber, he has been going to the salon dedicated to men.

An urban and masculine universe

Barbier coiffeur homme Chamonix

Attention territory reserved for men! Only Yolanda, the hairdresser in the salon next to Anthony and Luis is present at the Barber. On the other hand, the comfortable leather armchairs are intended for men!

When you walk into the salon (yes I had the privilege of going there for the purposes of the article), it’s like you jumped into Brooklyn, USA. The decor is contemporary and urban. But above all, a TV screen is affixed to the wall so that the gentlemen do not miss any of their favorite sports program. This attention delighted Olive. He who did not go to the hairdresser, is now completely addicted to his barber. (I mean the salon, not the hairdresser.)

Barbier de Chamonix

Male beauty

My friend Olive is completely uninhibited about taking care of himself. Yes men, you have the right (and even the duty, I ‘d like to say) to make yourself beautiful! Specialists in American gradients and experts in grooming beards and mustaches, you will come out gentlemen, beautiful and fresh as a penny. Do you also benefit from scalp and hairy face treatments with the “Défi pour homme” brand. For sure, Barbarossa would have loved this place! ».

Don’t waste another minute, give yourself a moment of relaxation and let your mind travel to the Barber of Chamonix, your hairdresser for you men.

Barber, male hairdresser, American gradient

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