INTERSPORT CHAMONIX sport shop for all budgets

Intersport Chamonix centre

Panic on board! Tomorrow starts school swimming lessons for my daughter and her swimsuit is almost transparent because it is so worn! Worse, my son goes off in a sweater, because his down jacket reaches under his elbows! But where to go? Breathe and think… At Intersport, your Chamonix sport shop of course! They have a nice swim section and down jackets for all budgets!

A multi-occasion dressing room!

Chamonix sport shop

It’s okay, I have the one-piece swimsuit and a Mckinley down jacket for €35. He wanted Peak Performance obviously, but as he’s growing up, I prefer to play economics!

On the other hand, I gave in to a pair of Vans for one, and first-price après-ski for the other. Obviously, not only their arms grow… 

After this passage in the shoe department, I discovered the women’s textile floor, and there, you will not believe what I saw there! The new Poivre Blanc collection! You do not remember? The sweatshirts of our college years! What happiness to find this brand alongside Benson & Cherry, Only, or Picture!

Suddenly I realized: it’s note because there is the word sport in Intersport that there isn’t a whole lifestyle department. Jeans, very feminine t-shirts, everyday clothes for babies, teens and adults … but my word, this store is very complete! And if that’s not enough for you, stroll at Odlo and Oakley, their two neighboring stores, you can draw the same loyalty card there!

And what about skiing?

Intersport Chamonix centre

As the first snow flakes approach, we obviously find alpine, freeride and touring skis from major brands. If you’re smart, you rent skis to try them out and if they are made for you, decide to buy them, the rental will be free! Do you need shoes too? No problem, the “bootfitting” service will make them “made for you”. Isn’t it great?

When I saw my boy, his gaze bewitched by Black Crows, I thought to myself, hold on, this could be a good gift idea…

During this period of confinement, Intersport offers the Pedestrian Drive. Order by phone and pick up at the store entrance.

Many brands and first prizes, Ski test and bootfitting.

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