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In winter, the dilemma is enormous! We want to be warm, but also to be able to raise our arms without the smell of old goat forcing us to move like penguins, our arms glued to our sides. And yes, if you’re too covered, that’s what might happen! Luckily, Icebreaker has an unstoppable solution to this: Merino!

Merino revisited

Icebreaker chamonix

I thought merino was an old thing. This term reminds me of my grandmother who used to wear thermolactyl camisoles bought from the catalog. Well no ! First, merino is a lovable, fluffy kind of sheep that makes you feel warm just looking at them. And two, garments made from merino wool prevent bad smells, regulate body temperature and dry quickly.

Icebreaker Chamonix breaks this old-fashioned underwear prejudice! In their shop, rue Vallot, I discovered a whole range of textiles. First layers and underwear of course, but also 100% merino wool coats and sweaters, which are soft, comfortable and natural! Hey, would that make a nice Christmas present?

A store for the whole family

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What could be better when you’re on the slopes than a high-performance “base layer” set, which regulates our temperature and what’s more, looks great? When you stop for lunch in the sun, you take off your jacket and your sweater and you’re super sexy, soft and “at the right temperature“. You even dare to stretch yourself, arms in the air, chest forward, because no odor emanates from your underarms. In short, dazzling in Icebreaker! (Personally, if you have abs, man, don’t hesitate to do the same, the panoramic view will only be more beautiful!)

As for the children, no more cries and tears when they are left in the piou piou, because they are frozen! Icebreaker offers a range dedicated to them, notably with first layers in 200 and 260 g, in 100% merino wool for their comfort.
So let’s break the ice, let’s wear some warm underwear, but not just any, Icebreaker of course!

Natural clothing, merino wool, sustainable trade

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