3 reasons to go to the Heliopic, hotel and Spa in Chamonix

Heliopic Hotel, spa et restaurant chamonix

Yes, it’s a hotel, but so what? Does that prevent you, the native, from going there? Well, no! Do you know why? Because their restaurant, Akashon, is open to everyone and is worth a visit. As for the Nuxe Spa, it’s not just for hotel residents. And if you spend the night there? Yes, why not? Otherwise, welcome family and friends who come to visit you. In short, here are 3 reasons to go to the Heliopic hotel in Chamonix center. After reading this, there will be no excuse not to go.

1.    A romantic dinner at Akashon, the hotel’s intimate restaurant

To conclude or score points in love, I strongly advise you to go and dine at Akashon. This discreet restaurant, almost hidden in the heart of the Heliopic Hotel, is open to all and deserves that I reveal its secrets.

akashon heliopic

A refined cuisine

Intimate and romantic as one could wish, the hotel’s restaurant has been awarded a Bib gourmand by the Michelin Guide. Secret number 1: the dishes are refined and have a good quality-price ratio

Well hidden in the heart of the hotel, dining at Akashon is galvanizing. You feel like you’re revealing a secret place to the one who accompanies you. This semi-gastronomic restaurant is so intimate! Yet, it is not “locked” in the hotel, it is open to a breathtaking view. Secret #2: At the table, the window overlooks Mont Blanc, as does its magnificent terrace.

Bib Gourmand means good value for money

L'Akashon, restaurant romantique chamonix

Yes, but a restaurant this chic must cost a fortune! Secret n° 3 : At Akashon, you can make your taste buds go crazy for 32 € with the starter – main course – dessert menu. But hey, you might as well treat yourself when you go to such a place! I say, it would be a shame not to fall for the Gourmet Menu and its food and wine pairing at 85 €. There you will really score points…

A starred pastry chef

Come on, one last secret to convince you to dine in the intimate restaurant of Heliopic. The fabulous desserts are signed Cyril Gérard, pastry chef (starred when he was at the Bois Prin in Chamonix).

Are you more relaxed than gastronomic? Think of the sublime spa at the Heliopic!

2.    A relaxing break combining a Nuxe® treatment and access to the Spa in Chamonix

heliopic et Akashon, ambiance romantique Chamonix

Personally, I love the fragrances of the French brand Nuxe®. So to treat yourself to a treatment with these quality cosmetics, imagine the happiness! 

The NUXE Spa at the Heliopic Hotel & Spa is freely accessible to hotel guests. But what about outsiders? Do you want me to tell you another secret? Well, for every 45-minute treatment or massage you book, you get 1 hour of access to the spa

A sumptuous spa in the heart of Chamonix

As with the Akashon, you are entering a privileged, intimate and wonderful place! You will be able to bask in :

spa Nuxe heliopic Chamonix
  • – The swimming pool with its view on the Mont-Blanc
  • – The ice grotto
  • – The whirlpool bath
  • – The cold water wells
  • – The hammams, 
  • – The sauna
  • – The herbal tea room 

Massages and treatments for total relaxation

What to choose among the Nuxe treatments? Discover the  treatment menu here, but be aware that it is available in 3 proposals:

  1. Massages

From the 30-minute Nuxe Massage Relaxation Plantaire to the 1.5-hour Nuxe Massage Heliopic (a face and body massage with two warm wooden sticks), your body will be able to say thank you.

  • Face care

Give your face a facelift with the holistic anti-aging facial. One hour of care and relaxation where body and mind are soothed by the soothing vibrations of a crystal bowl.

  • Sensory escapades
piscine spa Chamonix

Your body and face are tired and you’ve finally decided to offer them a 100% relaxation combo? You’ll love the Heliopic Escapade, which lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes. I promise, you’re allowed to fall asleep.

On the program for this escapade:

  • – 1 exclusive Nuxe Heliopic massage (1 h 30) 
  • – 1 prodigieux® radiance-revealing body treatment (45 min) 
  • – + 1 holistic youthful light treatment le 32 montorgueil® (1 hr) 

So, whether you’re a resident of the hotel or not, which treatment are you going to fall for? Do you want to take your visit a step further? 

3.    A moment, a night or a stay in the heart of Chamonix

The Heliopic is a 4-star hotel located in the center of Chamonix, at the foot of the Aiguille du Midi. 

Ideal for telecommuting

bar hotel heliopic

The large living space in the lobby of the Heliopic and around the bar benefits from Wifi. Comfortably seated in an armchair near the library, you can work on your computer in a pleasant place, far from the distractions of the house. 

Pour une nuit où un séjour à la montagne

Local friends, think of the Heliopic to accommodate family and friends. Independent in the center of Chamonix, they will love it. As for you, dear vacationer, if you want to visit the Chamonix valley and take full advantage of its activities, the Heliopic will delight you. Ideal location, impeccable services, your vacation will be unforgettable!

Multiple 4 stars services

appartements Chamonix

The 4-star hotel has 104 rooms with Brevent or Mont Blanc view and 4 fully equipped apartments, some with Jacuzzi on the terrace.

Want to know more about the hotel’s services? OK, here are some of them: 

  • Exceptional buffet breakfast
  • The hotel has a ski shop
  • You can buy your ski pass at the reception
  • A free shuttle bus takes you to the slopes and back to the hotel.

Basically, you can practically leave the hotel with your skis on (but it might be difficult in the shuttle).

So, do you need another excuse to go to the Heliopic? Intimate hotel in Chamonix, this place is waiting for you.

To contact them, read why it’s a very good adress of Chamonix.