Here is the picture: a Charlie Adam is a “must have”

Charlie Adam

Living in the Chamonix Valley and not having a Charlie Adam painting is like living by the sea and not having decorative seashells. It’s a bit iconic.

A Charlie Adam, the basis of modern Savoyard decor

Charlie Adam
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So everyone goes their own way. Depending on your hobbies, your profession, your state of mind, you exhibit on your wall the drawing that tells your story. Me for example, I have the “Hot Savoy” which expresses the hyperactivity, the madness of challenges, the hectic life in the mountains.

Indeed, Charlie’s drawings, very inspired by the Sixties but timeless, are colorful, humorous and generally transcribe the secrets or passions of its owners. You never walk through the door of the shop with the same mobile. A birthday, a retirement, a Christmas present, whatever. The important thing is who you offer the painting to. You must recognize this person in the canvas that you are going to choose!

This hunt for the design that you think has been created for the person you want to cherish is so exciting and satisfying when you find it!

Not just paintings, decorative objects or useful gifts too!

bungalow Graphics Chamonix

For those who already have their walls well loaded, do not panic, the avenue Michel Croz boutique has many other original objects. There is something for all tastes and all budgets.

From € 3 to € 400, you will inevitably find the perfect present. A colorful backpack for your nephew, organic cotton tea towels for your mother-in-law (if she deserves it), will surely delight them. Or a super trendy cutting board for Uncle Jeannot, and even credit card stickers to have a smile on your face!

Even if you’re a fan of red curtains with hearts and chamois, if you want to be a little modern, Alp Chic is the place to go! Seems obvious to you now, right?