Where to go out with your children in Chamonix? At the Folie douce of course!

Going out with children can be a challenge, especially when dining out. In Chamonix, the Folie Douce Hotels is the ideal place to spend a good evening with your family. Why is that? Well, because they’re just as happy to be there as you are. They play in a secure area while you drink on the terrace to the sound of electro music mixed by the DJ. And when you go to the table, they go to the Kids Palace! No more stress about where they are and what they are doing…

An unusual aperitif that delights children and parents

soirée Folie douce Chamonix

I don’t want to hear the excuse anymore: “we can’t go to the restaurant with you, because we don’t have anyone to watch our monster”! La Folie Douce Hotels in Chamonix has put an end to this pretext! And the family outing becomes serene.

The outdoor bar on the terrace with view

Relaxed around a brasero, a Spritz in hand, friends giggling and a view of the Mont-Blanc mountain range in the background, you are serene. You don’t have to check every 30 seconds where your child is. It’s simple, he’s in the trampoline park next to the terrace, or on the zip line. Or maybe he’s on the rope course in the hotel’s garden. In any case, he’s having as much fun as you are, in a safe space where he doesn’t risk anything.

Let’s the music play…

trampoline parc Chamonix

From 6 pm, the DJ started to play the turntable. At 6:30 pm, the Grand Lobby’s live concert is broadcasted on the terrace. You’re so happy to be there, in the fresh air, “mountain, spritz and sun” to sing between two bursts of laughter and bite into the succulent pizzaLa Folie Douce“, just out of La Piazza.

Enjoy the evening a little more…

But the approach of the table at La Petite Cuisine is starting to stress you out. You’ll have to deal with the kids, pull them off the trampoline. Screams, tears, no !!!! Take a breath and listen to this! In this unusual establishment in Chamonix, there is an insane solution (and the word is not insane) to keep your evening in the center of Chamonix exceptional: The Kids Palace!

The Kids palace : ” Let’s the kids play ” in Chamonix

The solution for going out with your children in complete peace of mind!

sortir avec les enfants chamonix
photo @Folie Douce Hotels

Children from 4 to 12 years old can also play Gatsby the Magnificent in their palace. To prevent them from getting bored at the restaurant, during dinner, and to give you carte blanche to talk nonsense, the Kids’ Palace is open every day during the summer school vacations.

In the evening, from 6 p.m. (if the children have dinner with the friendly animators) or from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., your children are in good hands with these BAFA graduates.

Childcare in the evening: small budget and tranquility!

kids palace folie douce
photo @Folie Douce Hotels

In addition to the tranquility of your meal* (in the case of children who are a little too lively), they will have a wonderful evening punctuated by various games and activities.

If your child dines at the restaurant La Petite Cuisine, count 16 € for the evening. If not (sit down it’s better), it’s completely free! Yes, a crazy free evening instead of a TV couch party with a nanny that ruins you!

Check out all the info on this wonderful childcare solution.

*In order to benefit from the Kids Palace childcare, you must dine at La Folie Douce

À Table, at the hotel’s La Petite Cuisine restaurant

la petite cuisine folie douce Chamonix
photo @Folie Douce Hotels

It’s time to enter this magnificent old palace that is La Folie Douce. The art deco and roaring twenties atmosphere immediately plunges you into another time when indeed, madness was sweet, the carefree evenings…

La Petite cuisine is one of the three restaurants of the hotel. The only one open in summer. The menu is that of a brasserie and offers French cuisine and regional specialties.

la petite cuisine

You take your seat and while you’re enjoying caramelized pork ribs with spices, the troupe of La Folie douce takes the stage at 9pm for a high level dinner show. Even if you are captivated by the show, you will have to remember to close your mouth while eating…

23 h ! It’s time to go pick up your kids at the Kids Palace! Children so exhausted from playing, they won’t last long in the car…

Of course, if you don’t have kids, you’ll love Folie Douce just as much! Its musical aperitifs outside or at the Janssen Bar and its dinner show at the restaurant.

So yes, it’s a hotel, but it’s also a living space open to the outside world. So dear privileged, why deprive yourself of such a place?

And now that you know this good plan of Chamonix, going out with your children becomes a child’s play…

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