Why go through a real estate agency to sell or buy a property?


Answer with Grosset Grange

Owners, or not yet, to avoid unpleasant surprises in terms of transactions, to spare yourself the worries related to a real estate sale or purchase, I advise you to go through a real estate agency. Grosset Grange agencies in the Chamonix Valley explained to me the advantages of trusting real estate professionals, rather than selling or buying your house or apartment on your own.

1.    Confidence and experience for your real estate projects

In Chamonix ValleyGrosset Grange is not to be presented anymore. Since 1996, their real estate agencies in Chamonix and Les Houches have already met the needs of hundreds of clients. Entrusting your project of sale, purchase, or rental management of your apartment is the best thing to do to avoid worries and hassles unless you like to torture your mind.

The advantages of working through an agency

Sellers or buyers have trusted this local and family agency for several reasons:

  • Their knowledge of the market

By going through an agency to sell your home, benefit from a free estimate. Sell or buy at the right price.

  • Their expertise and legal advice

Your Grosset Grange real estate agent knows the regulations in force in the Arve Valley. He or she will guide you towards energy diagnoses and the right advice on tax exemption.

  • International coverage 

Being able to sell a property faster is possible when you reach more people. Grosset Grange’s real estate agents are trilingual, which often appeals to potential foreign buyers or owners

2.    Use a real estate agency to save yourself the hassle

Selling your cottage, house or apartment is not always an easy decision. The reasons for selling are multiple and sometimes painful. Entrusting the sale of your property to an agency allows for an emotional release.

Your real estate professional, listening to you, takes care of everything, and allows a quick sale to turn the page more quickly.

For a high quality of service, you can sign an exclusivity contract. If you want to sell quickly, exclusivity guarantees a higher probability that the sale will be concluded in a shorter period of time and at the best price.

3.    Les avantages d’un syndic de copropriété

Entrusting the management of your apartment belonging to a condominium to a Grosset Grange agency will save you a lot of hassle!

On site or miles away from your property, you can sleep soundly because your Grosset Grange real estate agency manages all the problems related to your property. Whether it’s technical follow-up with craftsmen, consensus between owners, water damage, fire or maintenance of the property, your syndic takes care of everything.

With the necessary legal, financial and accounting skills, your agency is able to answer the questions of the owners, organize the unavoidable general assemblies and relieve you of numerous and tedious administrative tasks.

4.   The after-purchase

Do you have a lot of work to do on your property? Grosset Grange, thanks to its vast local network, puts you in touch with craftsmen for the renovation of your home.

Going through a real estate agency for your real estate projects implies a significant support to facilitate the task.

So what do you choose? Do you spend hours researching on the internet to make sure you’re in the clear when selling your property alone, or do you trust a private individual when buying directly and manage problems with your tenants from a distance? Or entrust the sale, purchase and management of your property to a local agency, expert and attentive to your needs?

Grosset Grange has several agencies. One in Chamonix, one in Les Houches and one in Flaine, to best satisfy your needs. So why hesitate when you can choose the easy way?

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