The RockyPop, ethical restaurant in the Chamonix valley

restaurant éthique rockypop chamonix

So many changes at RockyPop, at the gates of Chamonix! But what is this greenhouse behind the hotel-restaurant? The Chef and his assistant took advantage of the forced closure to set up a 100 m2 garden! Thus, the kitchen becomes autonomous and the restaurant takes on an eco-responsible character of which it can be proud. The modern and family place of life in the Chamonix Valley is now an ethical restaurant!

From the garden to the plate

Christophe Chambost et Samuel

The Chef Christophe Chambost and his second Samuel have launched into permaculture. With the help of two technicians from the hotel, Sylvain and Victor, the great idea became a reality! The goal: to become semi-autonomous in terms of vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers. One might find it hard to believe, especially when one sees the size of this hotel-restaurant at the entrance of Les Houches.

Well, after an inspection by a girl who doesn’t have a green thumb at all (me), I can tell you that it’s impressive! 100 m2 of garden, including a 50 m2 greenhouse and 4 containers, that is to say about forty plants! The RockyPop looks like a garden center!

A self-sufficient restaurant

permaculture les Houches

We find in the vegetable garden :

  • Edible flowers (borage, nasturtium…)
  • Herbs and spices (purple basil, mint…)
  • Old and special varieties of vegetables
  • Peas, radishes, squash, tomatoes, beans, arugula…
  • Red fruits…

From harvest to plate in 20 minutes

You want to eat fresh food? I think there’s no better way! Chef-gardeners pamper their gardens just as they do their recipes, which means more work, but an even more satisfying result! When they talk about it, you can feel how gratifying it is. And what about the kilometers they will travel between the kitchen and the garden? Wow, these cooks are real athletes!

An ethical restaurant in many ways

rockypop restaurant Les Houches

From now on, the organic waste from the RockyPop restaurant goes to compost. This results in a considerable reduction in waste!

A rainwater collector has been installed to be autonomous in water thanks to 3 tanks of 1000 L. Thus the watering, soon to be automatic, does not depend on the tap.

Finally, a smoking room is located in the middle of the garden so that the chefs can smoke their own fish, meat and vegetables and offer them incomparable flavors.

A bistro menu

Pizzas on the spot or to take away

restaurant éthique rocky pop

Rocky Pop restaurant is open to all, even to people who do not live in the hotel.

You knew that, didn’t you? You can have a drink at the counter of the magnificent cocktail bar, on the terrace with a view of the Mont Blanc range, or in the two rooms with different atmospheres. You can also (and this is good to know) take away delicious pizzas.

Burgers on the plancha

New on the burger side, the smash burger makes its entrance on the menu. It is a home-made steak, made of French meat, crushed on the plancha. In short, to sum up, RockyPop uses 99% homemade and raw products. Even for breakfast, jam, spreads and fruit salad are made on the spot.

Refined dishes

On the bistro menu, the dishes are more elaborate. The chef proposes a menu according to the products of the greenhouse. This summer, every day in the plates, you will find vegetables of the garden.

➡️ We are particularly fond of the Arctic char smoked by them in the smoking room. A surprisingly tasty starters.

On the food side, we love the pan-fried sea bass, verbena emulsion and buckwheat risotto.

A family hotel-restaurant

Spaces and games adapted to children

restaurant familial Chamonix-Les Houches

Frankly, RockyPop is ideal if you come with your children (or those of others…). You’re there, quietly leaning at the counter or sitting at a table. You laugh and talk about the latest gossip with your friends while your little monsters have fun on the wooden games, without risk outside, where they play ping-pong, arcade games, table soccer. In short, you have to chase them to get them to come to dinner! The important thing is that they have fun and you have a great time too!

You have family coming to the Chamonix valley and you are looking for a fun, modern and original hotel? Look no further! The 148 rooms of this 3 stars hotel are really affordable.

rocky pop hotel Les houches

Also think about the penthouses. 90 m2 for 12 people! An incredible space at a small price for large tribes.

So are you ready to discover the ethical restaurant of the RockyPop in the Chamonix valley? Hotel residents or locals, with friends or family, you can’t miss such a concept! From the garden to the plate, your experience will be wordless! At the same time, you don’t talk with your mouth full… 😋Come on reserve your table !

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