Where to eat well in altitude in the Chamonix valley?

où bien manger en altitude à Chamonix ?

I can already hear you saying: Oh yes, let’s talk about it, where to eat well in altitude, on the slopes? Well, it depends if you want to eat quickly so as not to lose a minute of your descent or if you really want to treat yourself to a good meal with table service and local products. Of course, you won’t have the same quality for lunch.

That’s why I wanted to tell you about something you might not know: 4 restaurants in the altitudes of Chamonix are recognized as “Maîtres Restaurateurs“. This association lists the kitchens of excellence as well as the teams of the establishments on the quality of the service and the cooked products.

4 high altitude restaurants certified Maîtres Restaurateurs

maîtres restaurateurs

When you say restaurant, you mean table service first of all. It’s not a self-service restaurant, cafeteria or take-away. After a morning of good riding, when your thighs start to heat up (well for me, it starts from the second descent), a real lunch break is welcome!

How about treating yourself to the best of the Savoyard terroir? 4 restaurants have the Maîtres Restaurateurs certificate and unlike the establishments at the bottom of the valley, we can underline the physical and material constraints linked to the altitude to obtain a quality menu.

The Chefs and their teams have 3 hours to assemble the fresh products, tidy up and prepare the menus before service. They deserve that you take the time to taste their dishes made with passion.

Le 3842

3842 restaurant aiguille du midi

All year round, treat yourself to a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc while enjoying one of the highest restaurants in Europe (3842 m). The team at the top of the Aiguille du Midi, welcomes you in their intimate establishment of character, refreshed this summer.

🍽 Home-made dishes. Slate menu, according to the moment, adapted to the products of season.
📍Book online strongly recommended.
📞 04 50 55 82 23

La Table de Plan Joran (1923 m)

Restaurants d'altitude de Chamonix

Chef Cédric Lerin offers in this beautiful chalet, a refined cuisine and revisited Savoyard dishes from December to early May. For him and his team, the quality of the food is as important as the welcome and the service. So, treat yourself and enjoy the large sunny terrace! Note: the restaurant is only accessible by ski.

🍽 Home-made and generous cuisine. Discover the tempting menu.
What makes me salivate: The duck burger, the roasted Bresse chicken with morel sauce.
📍Book online strongly recommended.
📞 04 50 54 05 77

L’Adret de la Flégère (table service all year round) 1913 m

l'Adret restaurant la Flégère

At an altitude of 1913 m, in the heart of the Aiguilles Rouges, Chef Xavier Robineau offers you a quality lunch, cooked with local, fresh and seasonal products. Arrive on skis and settle down in the warmth (80 seats inside) or on the sunny terrace (120 seats). A fondue on the slopes is the Holy Grail, isn’t it?

🍽 Traditional Savoyard cuisine that does not forget the vegans and vegetarians.
What makes me salivate: The Sliced Farçon with Tomme Fermière and confit gizzards, grape and balsamic vinegar sauce and the couscous of the Sea. Leaf through the complete menu.
📍 Book online strongly recommended.
📞 04 50 55 34 88

La Bergerie de Plan Praz  

la Bergerie de Plan Praz

All year round, you can have lunch facing the Mont Blanc mountain range at an altitude of 2000 m! Wonder for the eyes, but also for the taste buds, as Chef Franck Demonsais only works with raw products. He also favors short circuits, which, combined with his know-how, gives all the flavor to the dishes.

🍽 Innovation and tradition in the plate. The chef’s specialty: smoking which he combines with modern textures and colors + specialties and wood-fired grills. Take a look at the menu!
What makes me salivate: the fillet of pheasant & creamy juice with Crémant Rosé de Savoie and the Croûte Bergerie with chanterelle mushrooms & mesclun.
📍 Book online strongly recommended.
📞 04 50 53 05 42

All these restaurants can accommodate groups and events. Think about it !

To discover this winter: from Saturday, February 8th until the end of March, come to the Refuge de la Flégère every lunchtime. Savoyard atmosphere and delicious specialties will delight you!

Good plan and price

Bergerie de Plan Praz

Once again, no need to grumble about “Altitude restaurants are too expensive”! What’s this false song and dance? From you to me, I think that the price is very honest when you think of the quality of the products at the Maitres Restaurateurs and all the logistics to take into account that there is no down valley.

Well, to convince you, you should know that the altitudes restaurants are now partners of Mon petit Pass, the loyalty card of the locals. On presentation of this card, before your meal, you will receive a free aperitif. Isn’t that good news?

What if I want to eat quickly on the slopes?

In order not to lose a minute of your day on the slopes, you can always have lunch in self-service restaurants, cafeterias or take-away. Some spots even have kiosks where you can order your meal and get it quickly.

Here are the fast food addresses on the slopes:

  • Le chalet de Charamillon in Balme (cafeteria + take-away – winter only)
  • Summit at Aiguille du Midi (cafeteria + a kiosk for take-away sales)
  • Plan Joran (take-away + self-service)
  • Le Spot de Lognan (takeaway)
  • Le Brev’Bar (take-away)
  • Le Comptoir de Plan Praz (take-away, kiosk for take-away sales)
  • Tendance Foehn (take-away, kiosk for take-away sales)
  • Le Restaurant refuge de la Flégère (Cafeteria)

So, did you know all this? Are you still grumbling? You now know where to eat well in the Chamonix valley. All you have to do is go there to get a clean “stomach”.