Tattoo and piercing in Chamonix : the 6 strong points of Chamon’ink

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You want to get a tattoo or a very personal piercing but you don’t dare to go through with this body modification?  To put an end to your fears and to share with you the possibilities and solutions of  Chamon’ink, here are 6 reasons, as much psychological, artistic as sanitary, which will help you to launch yourself! Chamonix tattoo, it’s here !

#1 The spirit of the salon and the Chamonin’k style

Art and people, that’s what makes Mima tick. This tattoo artist graduated from the applied arts of Lyon and expresses herself in a geometrical, oldschool, sketch and color style. 

Salon tatouage chamonix

Specialist of mantras, but also of all tattoos with a sacred message, she is open to all projects and styles of tattoos (Polynesian, Nordic, Celtic, but also ornamental, geometric…). Her sweetness and her work are recognized in Chamonix and, thanks to the mouths to ears, she admits to have tattooed entire local tribes…

At Chamon’ink, benevolence reigns, no judgment or taboo. You can really talk openly. It doesn’t matter what your universe is, who you are or what you want. Tell Mima your desire for a tattoo and she will transcribe it with talent on your skin. 

However, no copy and paste here. You can of course bring a photo or image of what you want, but Mima will revisit the idea in order to offer you something unique and in your image. 


# 2 New : ancestral method : Hand Poke


Chamon’ink recently introduced the  le Hand Poke or stick n’poke, an ancestral tattooing method. Don’t imagine a barbaric needle and hammer! On the contrary, this technique is less painful than the tattoo machine and the healing is faster. 

IIt is indeed a needle full of ink, that we prick, by hand, in the epidermis, but very gently. To have recourse to the Hand Poke is to give an even more sacred, ancestral meaning to your tattoo. The rendering is authentic, nice gradations can be done and this return to the sources takes a real sacred dimension. 

#3 3D areola reconstruction

Mima Chamonix Tattoo

A surgical procedure such as a breast removal or a breast reduction is never a trivial matter for a woman. Reconstructing oneself after having fought a war against the disease is not so simple. So Mima puts on her woman’s outfit and offers 3D areola reconstruction through tattooing. 

Following this training to offer a kind of personal accompaniment to women was obvious for the tattoo artist from Chamonix. Also, to help women feel better about their bodies, she offers this service. Only the material used is charged. 

The result is exceptional! Not only does it alleviate psychological suffering but it also allows you to reconnect with your body as a woman. 

Would you have thought of recovering your nipple in a tattoo studio

#4 Health protocol and care

Leave your worries at the entrance of the salon. As far as health protocol is concerned, it is more than respected! Only one person is present at a time and every tool and chair is thoroughly disinfected after each visit. 

So go to the salon with your eyes closed, especially since Mima and Nass have both validated the hygiene and sanitation training. 

Salon de tatouage et piercing à Chamonix

Taking care of your tattoo

Mima advises healing in a humid environment to guarantee a perfect result. That doesn’t mean you have to spend the next 12 hours in a steam room! In fact, as soon as the session is over, she applies a transparent film (not simple cellophane”) that will protect against microbes. 

Bought in pharmacy, this film will be to change the following day. We keep it 3-4 days then we moisturize abundantly the tattoo with coconut oil. Avoid exposure to the sun and return to the salon one month later for possible touch-ups

At Chamon’ink, Mima Tatoue and Nass-T pierce. Want a piercing ? It’s here !

#5 Piercing 

piercing chamonix

With or without appointment, Nass welcomes you to the salon for all your piercing desires. On the tongue, the nipple, the navel or elsewhere, this graduate piercer of Lyon will answer your expectations. You can come with your jewel or choose one on the spot. 

But before wearing your pretty piercing, you will have to keep your temporary jewel in surgical steel or titanium for the time it takes to heal. 

After having sanitized the area to be pierced, you don’t have time to feel pain as Nass has already finished! He gives you a sheet for the maintenance of the jewel and to proceed with the care, once at home. 

Piercing suite

Nothing could be easier than taking care of your piercing loop and your pierced skin. Just clean them well. When the pain is gone, you will come back to the salon for a check-up and, if necessary, change your temporary jewelry for one of your choice.

Tatoueur Chamonix

#6 Discover local artists

Finally, choosing Chamon’ink to realize the tattoo(s) and piercing(s) of your dreams is all the more rewarding as the salon allows you to discover local artists. Every month, an artistic exhibition decorates the walls of the salon, taking you into an atmosphere that invites you to travel in spirit, to calm down.

You will also find part of the splendid Almarita jewelry collection. Modern and original jewelry made in Chamonix

So what’s holding you back? By entrusting your skin to Chamon’ink, you know that the result will be personalized, made in the rules of the art and in complete safety. Contact them by email with a photo of your project, its size and the part of the body concerned. First tattoo or umpteenth for others, do not hesitate and think about the gift card for your friends.

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