New at the Casino on the slot machine side!

machines à sous casino Chamonix

The Casino Royal in Chamonix has redesigned its gaming rooms to make you feel even better in this bright paradise. The opportunity to change no less than 21 games on the slot machines to make room for new jackpots! So everything is to be rediscovered, who will be the first to win on these new games?

21 new games

Casino Royal Chamonix

The Casino Royal of Chamonix, is two absolutely incredible rooms for gambling enthusiasts or those who occasionally want to spend an original moment, out of time.

Casino redevelopment

Lately, three quarters of the slot machines have changed their games. That is to say, everything is to be rediscovered. More modern, more playful, these new games take you to completely different worlds than before. The room has been redesigned and refurbished, the slot machines now form small islands. More intimate and pleasant for each player.

Reset Jackpots

Who says new game, says new jackpot! The sums are flashing before my eyes: €2,000, €5,000, €10,000…! Wow, what I could do with that, with just maybe a few cents!

French exclusivities in Chamonix

What can you play at the casino?

nouveaux jeux casino chamonix

Before we talk about the exclusivities that you will only see in Chamonix, let’s remember “what can you play at the casino?”

  • Mechanical reels (the pleasure of lowering the handle the old fashion way)
  • Video reels (the pleasure of playing on huge 4K screens)
  • Video poker (the pleasure of being in control of your cards)
  • Electronic games: blackjack or roulette (the pleasure of playing without a dealer)
  • Table games: blackjack, English roulette or poker (the pleasure of playing with real chips).

New games in exclusivity in Chamonix

Let’s stop the suspense, what’s exclusive? Well, the Casino Royal in Chamonix has just installed 3 new video poker machines in the second room, the Thunder Poker Strike. The machines are linked together, so the jackpot goes up even faster and higher!

Do you have to be well dressed to go to the Casino?

poker Chamonix

There is no time to come and play a few euros and try to win the “big prize”. From 10 am to 3 am, you come when you want and as you are. So what if you’re wearing an 80s ski suit? The Casino Royal opens its doors to you, unless you have your ski boots on, but we agree, you suspected it?

When to go to the casino?

In short, you don’t have to be dressed up to come and disconnect and let luck do the talking. Between us, you should know that some hours are more attractive than others… For example, every morning, from 10 am, breakfast is offered and from 5 to 7 pm, hot wine is served!

Welcome offers

On your birthday, the Casino de Chamonix offers you 30 € to play and two glasses of champagne. As for the ladies, on Thursdays, it’s Ladies Night. This includes 7 € to play and a cocktail of your choice offered. So, what are you waiting for to go and play George Clooney or Julia Roberts?

Upcoming events:

bon plan casino chamonix

February holds several surprises not to be missed if you want to try your luck or perhaps provoke it…

  • Tuesday February 1st is Chinese New Year!
  • For the occasion, the Casino offers all day 10 € to play per person.
  • Wednesday, February 2, is Candlemas. Gourmet friends, pancakes will be offered from 4 pm.
  • Monday, February 14, we don’t miss Valentine’s Day. Each player will receive a special surprise gift for the occasion.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do and plenty to do at the Casino Royal in Chamonix! New products, animations, weekly offers… let yourself be tempted and who knows, you could be the next big winner!

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12 place H.B. de Saussure
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

04 50 53 07 65