HAPPY FLICKS: Chamonix fitness classes without complex!

cours de fitness Chamonix

Chamonix fitness classes.

Don’t lie to me, have you ever played sports while smiling? No doubt, do you think that it is impossible to “curse with gratitude” your fitness teacher, while your left buttock is burning you like merguez on a brazier! Well with Charlotte from Happy Flicks, you sweat euphoria, and yet you are at home, two steps from your sofa!

Online fitness and dance classes

Happy Flicks

As the sports halls are currently forced to gather dust, a solution had to be found so as not to take 2 sizes before summer! So I tried the new lessons of Charlotte, a coach for 10 years, who just gave birth to Happy Flicks!

7 different courses over 5 days

Morning, noon or evening, there is necessarily a schedule that can suit you! As for the choice of classes, it’s the same, no excuse, Charlotte offers 7 different ones! Personally, I love the 9 am class, you have time to work a little beforehand and above all you have peace of mind, alone at home! Thigh abs-glutes on Monday, to start the week in “pain” 😁 and Pilates on Thursday to strengthen and relax the mind.

Do you prefer muscle building? Opt for CAF (Thigh abs glutes), Full Body or for more cardio, Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training). Otherwise you have softer classes like Pilates, stretching or Body and Mind to relax body and mind. Although Pilates, you muscles well… And of course the dance!

Simple, à la carte or with a subscription

cours de fitness Chamonix

The great thing about Happy Flicks is that if you can take just one class if you want to and it’s very easy from the site. You consult the schedule and you book in 2 seconds. 15 minutes before the lesson, you receive an email and using the link provided, you connect via Zoom (which must be downloaded). Then wait until you see Charlotte’s smile appear on the screen and her motivation to send you over wifi.

But nothing prevents you from falling for the subscription and getting active every day. For now, while waiting to find her indoors, the “at home” option is ideal!

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