CBD products: 3 points to change your mind

CBD Products Chamonix

With Le Lab du Bonheur Chamonix

Scoop in Chamonix, a new CBD products store has just opened at the foot of Mont Blanc. Like a parapharmacy, the shop presents its cannabis and hemp based products as an important therapeutic complement for many ailments.

Skeptical? As a reminder, cannabis is a plant which, in the absence of THC, is totally legal in France. So ready to discover their CBD cosmetic, food, well-being products, but also their massage salon?

#1 Quality CBD products

The range of cosmetic products

cosmetiques CBD

Because you may still think cannabidiol is high and addictive (which is not at all the case without THC), let’s start by telling you about Lab du Bonheur Chamonix

Very well rated on the Yuka application, which measures the impact of the product on health, the Breton brand, Ho Karan offers a nice range of cosmetic products based on CBD.

  • Stunning 100% natural hemp-based surgras vegan soap
  • Natural deodorant containing cannabis terpenes; respects the sensitivity of your skin.
  • Make-up remover
  • Exfoliating
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Detox cream for a beautiful complexion…

In short, you can find in your toiletry kit, a complete range of natural CBD products for a healthy and soft skin.

CBD food or hemp-based vegan products

Chocolat au CBD

Relaxing or simply enjoying cannabis or hemp products is possible. And don’t even think about laughing cake or whatever! I repeat, CBD has a relaxing and analgesic effect, not recreational!

At the Lab du Bonheur Chamonix, the shelves of the grocery corner are well stocked and it is rather the choice that makes us lose our heads… How not to resist the :

bière au CBD Chamonix
  • Gummies or delicious candies
  • Hemp pasta (organic and vegan)
  • Honey, chocolate, protein bar
  • Groceries: hemp seed products, CBD free
  • Sweet or savory cookies
  • 10 infusions with different flavors depending on the desired result (painful periods, digestive effect, soothing, breathing…)
  • Beers and softs made with CBD

Full spectrum oils and untreated flowers

Fleurs de CBD Chamonix

As in a traditional CBD shop, one finds of course oils, flowers, resins and pollen CBD.

On the other hand, at the Lab du Bonheur Chamonix, we emphasize the absence of heavy metals. The certificates displayed show this and it makes all the difference!

The oils are called “full spectrum”, which means that they contain all the active ingredients from the hemp plant.

The oils contain from 5% to 40% of CBD. Depending on the chronic pain or degenerative diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis), stronger or weaker oils are recommended, as the active principles of therapeutic cannabis are no longer to be proven.

Vaporettes for non-smokers

What is interesting is that even if you are not a smoker, you can inhale a raw and natural flower directly with the CBD vaporizer. Flowers and resins can be vaporized raw without combustion!

There are vaporizers at all prices. You can borrow one for free (with a deposit) to try it during 1 week. Information at the Lab du Bonheur Chamonix. And I remind you, this does not generate any addiction, just a feeling of relaxation.

For those who prefer to vapoter, opt for the Vape CBD, electronic cigarette where the cannabidiol, in liquid version, replaces nicotine.

#2 Original CBD products for all ailments

For animals

CBD pour chiens et chats

For dogs and cats under stress or with joint pain, even inflammatory, a specific range with CBD is available at the Lab du Bonheur Chamonix.

For the naughty ones

Crack for the love box, its massage candle and oil CBD and ginger is 200 drops of love … and for the most naughty there is even a lubricating oil with edible CBD … The packaging is really worth it …

For the well-being

CBD pour sommeil

A kind of parapharmacy, Le Lab du Bonheur Chamonix offers a natural alternative to chemicals to treat eczema, psoriasis and acne. A relaxing oil for the whole body and a massage oil.

For sportsmen and women

There are also warming balms or massage gels to prepare the muscles before the effort or for recovery based on hemp seeds.

For the tired and/or stressed


Trouble sleeping? Try CBN (cannabinol) oil at 5%. A few drops to fight insomnia.

To give yourself a boost and start the day on the right foot, prefer CBG oil. Studies have proven that this cannabigerol oil helps relieve stress and is a powerful anxiolytic.

#3 The CBD Chamonix Massage Salon

salon massage CBD Chamonix

Le Lab du Bonheur has a massage room. Here, by appointment, enjoy the benefits of a massage or care, amplified by CDB products of the brand. The massage menu will be available soon.

So are you ready for a deeper relaxation than you’ve ever experienced? Unless you still have reservations about CBD products, which are natural and have multiple benefits.


271 rue Joseph Vallot
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

06 76 97 42 98