The benefits of energetic massage and face care with semi-precious stones

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Welcome aboard the flight Aude Chauvelier to Asia. Starting from Chamonix, we will cross some disturbances, magnetic zones and meridians; but with one goal: to arrive in a body rebalanced in energy. You wonder what the benefits of an energetic massage are? You will immediately understand it with Aude who, beyond the massage, offers facials with semi-precious stones and make-up services.

Aude Chauvelier, masseuse energétique Chamonix

I tested for you the personalized massage

Customized energy massage

Aude’s many experiences in spas, with physiotherapists or osteopaths, and certainly her Korean origins have given her a unique method. In addition to slimming, draining, relaxing or sport massages, she is particularly gifted in energetic, neuromuscular and magnetism massages.

When to call Aude? You don’t necessarily need a reason or a slump to make an appointment with her. An energetic massage is above all a moment of global relaxation. On the other hand, if your sleep is restless, if you feel drained, stressed or if you feel pain (tendonitis, neck, back…), make an appointment right away!

I went because I was flat and sad without knowing why. Aude starts with a body diagnosis, as if she was scanning you with her hands. Incredible, this feeling of magnetic wave, soft between her hands and my body! Without even knowing me, she guesses me. My throat and intestinal problems, my walks without stretching behind… In short, I am an open book without saying a word!

Pressure points to release the pressure

soins énergétiques shiatshu

She then moves on to phase 2: working on the vital energy and meridians with shiatsu. Strangely enough, all the points she presses on are painful. It’s as if she’s putting her finger on the right spot… And she explains your ailments.

The massage of the internal organs (Chi nei tsang), those of the belly (our second brain) is like a brainwashing. The battle against traumas and blockages is underway and I hope to win it!

Let’s leave it to time now, after a big hour of magnetism, deep massage and shiatsu points, I am zen and drained, I will even say “washed”. I hope I washed away my blockages and bad energies, I left delighted by the experience.

A futon for a Korean relaxation operation

The most modest will be delighted! Aude practices shiatsu and Korean relaxation on the floor, on a futon, and you stay dressed! Let yourself be surprised by how easy it is to relax your muscles and make you let go!

Perfect for athletes who want a different method than the usual neuromuscular massages and for those who are stressed and still in control. Let yourself go, it will be fine!

Aude is a trained beautician who also combines facials and massage.

Body and face ritual: a complete treatment

Facial care alone

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I hear you say “but what’s the point of a facial in an institute?”

First of all, it is important not to always use the same cosmetics. By going to a beautician, you will take care of your skin and purify it. Ideal between seasons.

Whether you opt for a moisturizing or detoxifying facial, Aude truly differentiates herself from her peers by systematically including scalp massage, trapezius massage if needed and neck massage.

While your mask with the soft scent of citrus fruits is on your skin, it intervenes on some shiatsu points and that makes all the difference! 

New and exclusive in Chamonix: the GEMOLOGY® brand 

massages energétiques chamonix

To perfect her beauty care, Aude chose to work with the French luxury brand GEMOLOGY®. Fall for the benefits of semi-precious stones that prevent skin aging.

Aude massages your face with semi-precious stones and uses cosmetics rich in trace elements from minerals.

Matified, purified and hydrated complexion, the natural care provided by Aude will make you a radiant woman! (I especially like the massage with the suction cups, you come out of it all smooth).

The winning combo: 110m ritual (massage + facial)

Since you’ve given yourself a moment, why not kill two birds with one stone? Operation Wellness and Beauty! Choose the massage you want or explain where you want her to focus, then maximize your time with a facial.

Even more beautiful with makeup packages 

shiatsu à Chamonix

You’re getting married and you want to look great or you just want to learn how to do makeup, because you and brushes are two things… Well, Aude will make you look great! She has often worked for fashion shows, so if you need to become a model, trust her!

She offers packages that include a trial, a manicure, a foot beauty and a sublimating makeup. And if you were to fall for an eyelash enhancement? It’s really amazing and gives you a doe-eyed look as soon as you wake up…

Finally, she offers self-makeup classes. For you or to animate your daughter’s birthday party with her friends, there’s no better way, right?

You now know the benefits of an energetic massage, the reasons to entrust your face to Aude for a facial and her makeup services. We’re going to look hot and serene this summer, right? + infos on her website !

Aude Chauvelier

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