Al’pain, the bakery to crunch in the Chamonix Valley

meilleure boulangerie vallée de Chamonix

Best croissant of the 2 Savoie 2019.

In Argentière, at the top of the Chamonix valley, an establishment attracts us like a magnet. The Al’pain bakery makes us greedy in spite of ourselves (well, it’s not too hard for me) because the smell of good breads and buttery pastries are delicious. The owner, Kenny, has won in 2019, the contest of the best croissant of the 2 Savoie! Honestly, wherever you are in the valley, go and have a look at L’Al’pain, you will be won over! The risk? To become addicted, quite simply.

Special breads

boulangerie chamonix argentière

At Al’pain, you will of course find the traditional baguette (at only 1 € please), but also breads that you will not see anywhere else in the Chamonix valley!

The 8 kilo Grand Epeautre impresses by its size and its taste. Don’t worry, it can be bought by the slice! Low in gluten like its little brother the Small spelt and the buckwheat, these three breads are full of nutritional values and assure you a quality product.

17 different types of bread + seasonal breads

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The breads are made with ancient flour, crushed with a stone grinder and worked with natural leaven. In short, all the ingredients are combined, not to mention the expert bakers who work at Al’pain, so that your taste experience is an explosion of flavors and crunchiness.

Cyrielle and Kenny, the young owners of the bakery, put all their love into their stall. Passionate, Kenny won the prize for the best traditional French baguette in Isère and was a finalist in Paris. And on the viennoiserie side, he will win in 2019, the competition for the best croissant of the 2 Savoie. Now you can see why Al’pain’s products are so tasty.

Gourmet pastries

kouign amman chamonix

Ah the pastries of Al’pain, so greedy that either they don’t arrive whole at their destination when you take them to go, or the paper that carries them transpires butter.

At Al’pain we love Kouign Amann. A Breton specialty, but so good! As an expert, I can assure you that Kenny’s is a delight!

The raspberry croissants and the choco-praline are also to die for! Their colorful, streaky dough and homemade bar are as much a treat for the eyes as for your taste buds.

Kenny, the boss, wins in 2019, the contest of the best croissant of the 2 Savoie.

Seasonal pastries

Have you ever seen the size of the flan at the Argentiere bakery? Huge! But that doesn’t mean there’s any left when you treat yourself to a slice.

The tarts are topped with fresh seasonal fruit, like wild blueberries, when available. We also love their Saint Honoré and pistachio financiers. From eclairs to entremet, 20 different cakes drive you crazy. For special occasions, consider ordering in advance.

Salty food for lunch

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Going for a hike or less lucky, to the office? Think about your lunch! L’Alpain offers you several savory recipes. From sandwiches to quiches, bagels, focaccia or pizza, you will find what you are looking for.

On the spot or to go, you can also have a burger with the special bun of the day (with curry, paprika or black squid ink). My good plan for BBQ parties at home: I order burger buns from Al’Pain, the guests are overwhelmed by the softness and taste of the buns.

A tea room

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Open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, Al’pain is more than just a bakery in the Chamonix Valley. It’s a paradise for gourmands and lovers of good bread. Attached to traditions and craftsmanship, Kenny and Cyrielle work with artisans from Grenoble for their 30 loose teas and their coffee. Because yes, the bakery is also a tea room where you can remake the world in front of a good cup of hot drink.

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