Slimming naturally with cryolipolysis in Chamonix

Slimming naturally, everyone’s dream, right? Did you know about cryotherapy? But what about cryolipolysis, an even more barbaric name for a gentle treatment. The good news is that we have a cryolipolysis professional in Chamonix!

Grandma always said “cold preserves”! But who, what and how does it preserve? I just understood her sentence! It preserves your figure and your beauty of course, thanks to an incredible process called cryolipolysis. The what? Calm down, I’ll explain!

Cold vs. fat: who will win?

A 100% frozen “diet” solution, without effort and without constraint!

cryolipolyse à Chamonix

Imagine yourself entering Cham Cryo on Vallot Street. The very nice Stéphanie installs you on her chair dedicated to this aesthetic treatment. Operation: I snuggle up in the comfortable arms of a yeti and then what? She applies a cold membrane on your skin, filled with ultrasound product and then a cryode on the area to be treated. Your excess fat is sucked out.

Relax, it’s painless, but a little frustrating as you wish that damn bulge would just disappear. But no, it’s not surgery, Stephanie won’t cut anything off. Besides, she lets you relax for an hour in the arms of your imaginary yeti who, with his hand on your belly or your thigh, freezes your damn fat cells little by little. Have I lost you or do you follow?

You feel like it’s crackling under your skin. The temperature drops to -10°C and triggers the self-destruction of your fat cells. “The lease is up, my little ones, it’s time to go elsewhere, goodbye”, my body tells them.

Absolute relaxation!

As your fat cells gradually freeze, you fall into a sweet sleep. The session lasts an hour, you are comfortably seated and you are relaxed! You find yourself dreaming of your future body. Your unsightly bulges (well, that’s what you say) will have melted like snow in the sun. A figure of speech when you know the process of cryolipolysis

While you are not suffering in the midst of physical activity, or even on a diet, you already visualize your body refined and your abs perhaps protruding (well, you must already have an existing muscle mass).

Treatment of all parts of the body

Cryoliplysis is perfectly adapted for localized areas. That is to say that according to your complex, because we are talking about feeling good in your body, you can act on :

  • The saddlebags
  • the belly
  • love handles
  • the knees
  • the arms
  • inner thighs
  • the back
  • the double chin…

Slimming naturally at any age and at any time

You can’t say: “It’s time for cryo” because I’ve entered the “ice age”, the one where my skin relaxes, where my pounds settle… No, you can have cryolipolysis at any age, as young as 18. Of course, this method reduces wrinkles and prevents skin aging by detoxifying, but it also reduces waist or thigh size for example.

The important thing is to feel good about your body, to love it and accept it.

Please note: you can pay in installments, at each session, and use this slimming solution as many times as you wish per year. Before a holiday, a vacation or an event, don’t hesitate!

The results can be effective in the long term if you eat a balanced diet and do a minimum of exercise.

mincir naturellement

Any contraindications?

No, only patience and a healthy lifestyle are required.

To get good results and be able to strut your stuff at the spa or on the beach, 3 sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart are generally necessary. This is an ideal alternative to liposuction, but it requires patience.

Depending on the person, the results are visible between 2 weeks and 3 months. But after having scorned your complexes for years, you are no longer a few weeks away? Satisfaction and victory must be earned! And you’ll see, Grandma was right. So are you ready to slim down naturally?

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