Le BOUDOIR Coiffure, feel like a star and an actress for the well-being of the planet

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“I’m a single lady, I’m a single lady”… When she enters the hairdressing salon Le Boudoir, in Houches-Le-Lac, at the gates of Servoz, my friend Manon gives the impression of being Beyoncé! Why? Because she’s a VIP here! Each client has the salon for themselves in appointment with Marie. And that gives you the wings of stars!

VIP Hairdresser for Star Result

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Sure, when Manon arrives at Boudoir Coiffure, she usually looks more like a Kho Lanta candidate after 3 rough weeks than Beyonce. But as soon as she settles into one of the armchairs in this adorable, soothingly decorated living room, she feels the soul of a star. A Star of the Valley, sure, but it’s so nice to be pampered, alone, without “fans” or “gossips” around us!

Manon has complete confidence in Marie. When she sees what she manages to do with her clients (check out her photos on social media), she knows she will come out divine. Balayage, shampoo, treatment, cut and brushing, she does it all. When you go to the hairdresser, she says, you might have fun. We’re not a star every day. And then she has time; here she has a great free parking space!

Eco-Responsible Hairdressing Products

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Not only does Marie modernize you and brighten your hairstyle, but she has chosen to use a range of products called Oway which works for the well-being of the planet. The brand’s containers are made of glass or aluminum, and therefore synonymous with recycling. When her shampoos or styling are almost empty, Marie refills them and thus generates zero waste.

What if you too went to zero waste? You can buy Oway products at Boudoir Coiffure and Marie will fill them when they are empty. Isn’t that great? Yes, because it’s all well and good to play the stars, but doing something for the planet is also part of your role as a celeb

Hairdresser for men, women, children, sustainable business, Oway products.

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Le Boudoir Coiffure