HAIR PUR, plant-based hairdressing salon for “eco” and “egos” responsible

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A hair salon that takes care of your hair is no surprise to anyone. But a salon that works for the well-being of the planet and the health of its customers, that’s already more intriguing, isn’t it?

Beautiful hair thanks to natural care 

coloration végétale

Carla tries to be as eco-responsible as possible. She cherishes nature and is also “ego-responsible”, meaning that she likes to take care of herself, but not just anyhow. She does not mess with her health and therefore favors organic products. Her favorite hairdressers in Chamonix are none other than Véronique and Fred, the adorable owners of Hair Pur.

Carla knows that when she settles into one of the armchairs in this extremely bright and soothing salon, she lets her senses and mind roam nature.

All services include an “all inclusive” well-being protocol. Massage and personalized treatment with regenerating oils. These also act on the emotions of the moment; then vegetable shampoo, ecological detangling and fixing.

When she comes out, her hair exudes the purity of nature. Her hair is soft, light and flamboyant thanks to its vegetable coloring.

At the checkout, she fell in love with a toothpaste and a zero waste deodorant, which are more natural, from the “Comme avant” range, cosmetics made in Marseille. I told you, she is “self-responsible” all the way!

Coiffeur végétal

A hair in the ocean, a great gesture for the planet

Carla is all the more satisfied to have her hair done at Hair Pur because she made a gesture for the planet by choosing this place. She contributes to sustainable development by recycling her hair.

Indeed, the salon is a member of the fair hairdressers association, which recycles your organic matter. Imagine that your cut hair, locked with others in eco bags, helps contain oil spills! They can also be found in reinforced concrete. I’m sure now that you know that, you won’t think to yourself throwing your mane to the ground anymore, “but why did I do that? “…

Vegetable coloring, organic care, essential oils, hair recycling

Little extra: Hair Pur has an aesthetic booth where Andra, a beautician practices eyelash extension, manicure-pedicure and various treatments.

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