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“I’m a single lady, I’m a single lady”… When I enter the hairdressing salon Le Boudoir, in Les Houches-Le-Lac, near Servoz, I feel like Beyoncé! Why do I feel like Beyoncé? Because at this hairdresser, I am a VIP! Each client has the salon to himself or herself in an appointment with Marie. And that gives you the wings of a star!

VIP hairdresser for star results

Coiffeur Servoz

Oh sure, when I arrive at the Boudoir Coiffure, I usually look more like a Kho Lanta contestant after 3 weeks of roughing it than Beyonce. But as soon as I sit down in one of the armchairs of this adorable salon, with its girly decor, I feel like a star.

A star of the valley, of course, but it’s so nice to be pampered, alone, without “fans” or “gossips” around you! I admit I’m “showing off”, but we’re worth it, aren’t we? You’ll see, you’ll feel the same way!

On top of the latest trends

I have complete confidence in Marie. When you see what she manages to do on her clients (look at her photos on social networks), I know I’ll come out looking divine. It must be said that Marie is not greedy for training. She is always up to date with the latest trends!

Sweeping, shampooing, conditioning, cutting and blow-drying, I give myself the whole package. When you go to the hairdresser, you might as well treat yourself. You can’t be a star every day. And I have time! Here, I could park easily and the parking is free!

Service de star

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Gone are the days when you had to call to make an appointment and struggle to talk while you checked your calendar! Le Boudoir Coiffure has a super convenient appointment scheduling application: Planity. It’s free, you get an immediate confirmation and you pay at the salon, the day of your “setting”. You choose the service you want and the day and time that suits you. So much easier!

Hairstyle trends of the moment

extension coiffeur chamonix

If you really want to be a star among the stars (or just yourself, yes you do!), you should try one of the two fashionable trends that the Boudoir Coiffure offers:

Hair extensions and botox. Ah ! You’re intrigued, aren’t you ? Don’t move, I’ll tell you more.

Hair extensions

You dream of beautiful long hair? Marie proposes the installation of extensions up to 60 cm in length! This is hair processed in France, real hair that has usually been given as an offering, so it is full of beautiful history.

Straight, wavy, curly, colored, you can have up to 100 strands! The result is stunning and natural, and you’ll score big in terms of recycling action. So are you ready for a dream mane that lasts 6 months?


So let me stop you right there, Marie is not going to inject botox into your hair, or even into your scalp! It is a treatment that rejuvenates the hair fiber in depth, right down to the cortex of the hair.

This care allows you :

  • eliminate unwanted frizz
  • coat hair
  • add shine
  • prevent unwanted hair loss
  • and dry your hair faster

The result is amazing on fine, brittle or highlighted hair and lasts between 3 and 5 months.

So which do you prefer, extensions or botox? I hesitate…

Member of the fair hairdressers

coiffeur de star

Instead of throwing all your cut hair in the trash, Marie chose to reduce her waste by opting for hair recycling.

By adhering to the fair hairdressers approach, she sends complete bags of cut hair and the association recycles them. They are used to insulate houses, absorb hydrocarbons along highways, and contain oil spills in the oceans when they are compacted in the form of socks.

Results: less waste and a responsible act for the planet! I am so happy to have contributed to this with my cup!

So here I am with my beautiful curls. I still sing badly, but I love my hair that Marie knew how to sublimate! So singer or not, if you have a good hairdresser in the Chamonix valley, you can take yourself for a star if you want !

Hairdresser for men, women, children, hair extensions, botox

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