MONT-COCON CHAMONIX, modern and ecological soaps

savons écologiques

As soft and soothing as her soaps, it couldn’t be otherwise. Marina found her destiny by creating her brand of natural soaps in the Chamonix valley. Discover its ecological range, its elegant packaging and their benefits.

The return of solid soaps

Savonnerie Chamonix

I admit, it is not so long ago that traditional soap was connoted to me “in the old days”. I remember washing my hands at my grandmother’s house with cologne soap that jumped from my fingers and always ended up on the floor! But times have changed and minds have shifted . After switching from soap to liquid shower gel in a plastic bottle, here I am listening to my conscience and taking on the fold of eco-responsibility!

Zero waste, utopia or challenge? I would say challenge, and I love them! I followed Marina’s business creation, the making of its vegan, biodegradable and natural soaps here in Les Houches, and I was quickly won over. Pastel colors, scents that I love (mango, shea, coconut …) and very attractive packaging; I just had to try Mont-Cocon Chamonix!

Very first time unforgettable

shampoing solide

There, I took the plunge, I did! I washed my golden mane with strong shampoo! So yes, I had some preconceptions: will it lather, will my hair be shiny or oily? I was first impressed by the nourishing and restorative mango shampoo lather. No need to rub for a long time to cover your hair with “scum”. Second good feeling, I found the rinsing faster than with a traditional shampoo. And finally, third good point, my hair is shiny and pleasantly scented. In short, a faultless!

I also cleansed face and body with an exfoliating glove along with “flake”, an oatmeal exfoliating soap, with properties that delay aging. I rubbed well to hope to rejuvenate … that’s utopian, but still it is that Mont-Cocon Chamonix conquered me and I am not a little proud to say: “to wash myself, I went to zero waste “!

Ecological soaps, zero waste, sustainable trade

Mont-Cocon Chamonix