CRYOLIPOLYSIS or the effortless ice diet!

Did you know about cryotherapy? But what about cryolipolysis, an even more barbaric name for gentle treatment.

Granny always said “the cold keeps it”! But it keeps who, what, how? I finally understand her sentence! It keeps your figure and your beauty of course, thanks to an incredible process called cryolipolysis. The what? Let’s calm down, let me explain!

old vs fat: who will win ?

Chamonix cryolipolyse

Imagine entering Cham Cryo, rue Vallot. The very friendly Stéphanie sits you down on her chair dedicated to this aesthetic treatment. Operation: I snuggle up in the comfortable arms of a yeti and after? She applies a cryode on the area to be treated. Your excess fat is sucked up.

Relax, it’s painless, but a little frustrating as you would like that damn bead to vanish directly. But no, it’s not surgery, Stephanie won’t cut anything. In fact, she lets you relax for an hour in the arms of your imaginary yeti who, with his hand on your stomach or your thigh, gradually freezes your damn fat cells. Did I lose you or are you following?

You feel like it’s crackling under your skin. The temperature drops to -10 ° C and triggers the self-destruction of your fat cells. “The lease has given way my little ones, it is time to leave, goodbye,” my body told them.



No, only patience and a healthy lifestyle are required.

To get good results and be able to strut in the spa, 3 sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart are usually necessary. So, of course, it is an ideal alternative to liposuction, but it takes patience.

Depending on the person, the results are visible between 2 weeks and 3 months. But after you’ve looked down on your complexes for years, aren’t you just a few weeks away? Satisfaction and victory deserve! And you’ll see, Granny was telling the truth.

Slimming cold, an alternative to liposuction

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Chamonix Cryothérapie