CHAMON’INK, the new tattoo and piercing salon

Tatouage et percing à Chamonix

I imagined a tattoo and piercing parlor with skulls and blood as a decoration. A dark, mystical and almost disturbing atmosphere. Well, the new Chamon’Ink salon in Chamonix has nothing to do with this “true-false” cliché that I might have had about tattoo places.

A Reassuring and Pleasant Lounge 

White walls, the light that crosses the room and a little Reggae sound immediately puts you at ease. If you come here, you’re about to turn a corner, right? Beyond the tingling on your skin, or tickling for some, you want above all to offer yourself a design, a message, an indelible value that will remain anchored in your skin. So your first impression should be a sanitized place! Leave your fears at the entrance, it will be fine!

Charlotte, also known as Mima Tattoo, doesn’t look like an over-tattooed avatar. Dynamic and smiling, she listens to your tattoo desires and then draws them. His touch is watercolor, and more recently, in homage to a tattooist friend, the Polynesian and Maori symbols.
She will soon be joined by Nass (whom everyone knows here). He will offer piercings and complete the offer of this new salon which also aims to be a meeting place with other artists.

Well-being Beyond the Visual


Once again, let’s forget the clichés of creepy tattoos done in a rush and on a whim. A tattoo can very well be an opportunity to mark a memory for life, or on the contrary, to erase suffering.

Charlotte will soon be offering a visual reconstruction of the nipple. A 3D tattoo, an optical illusion to allow women who have had their breasts removed to accept their bodies. Beyond the visual realization in ink, this is about psychological well-being.

Think gift ideas. Don’t you fancy a small personalized tattoo? What if you offered one?

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