JARDINERIE DE TACONNAZ : What can we plant in March?

Primevères en montagne

plantation mars mountain.

With these temperatures and the snow melting visibly, we want to plant things, don’t we?

For me, spring makes me want color, scent, a “pepsy” renewal in short. But the big question, in our valley, sometimes climatically surprising, is: what can we plant in March? The Jardinerie de Taconnaz tells us everything!

Let’s talk about planting in March

jardinerie de Taconnaz

We will soon see the grass in the garden! Like a hyperactive bee, this mild weather gives me wings. The calendar is already up to date for the month of March and we could almost have coffee on the terrace (ours of course)! But who says lizard in the sun, says pleasant environment.

Well, it’s time to think about first plantings! Tip number 1 before you get down to gardening: take a bath of color at the Jardinerie de Taconnaz! When the sun passes through their glass roofs and illuminates their floral carpets, your senses awaken like a bud!

Flowers, perennials, bulbs; to your pickaxes!

In front of you, whole stalls of red, yellow, purple primroses; pretty colored pansies, buttercups of different shades, sun-kissed daffodils. What a joy to contemplate flowers! Yes I’m a little blue flower around the edges …

We are well aware that we are not immune from another “snowstorm”, but these flowers do not fear the white coat. What bothers them is the freezing. They are hardy, but for now, you may prefer planting in planters or pots before full ground. On the other hand, go there cheerfully with perennials in your flower beds or riprap!

Many bulbs have also entered the garden center shelves. Lilies, dahlias, begonias and more await a little love and potting soil to rise as the season progresses.

And are we talking about herbs in the mountains?

La Jardinerie de Taconnaz

You don’t have to hear the cicadas to be able to plant herbs at home. The Taconnaz garden center assures us that it would be a shame to do without it in our Chamonix valley.

First, choose thyme, bay leaf, coriander, parsley, chives for example, in jars. They need the sun. Find a place for them where they will benefit from optimal exposure. Once you are sure that it will not freeze, you can transplant them in the ground and fortify them with a good organic fertilizer.

So you have the keys to knowing what and how to plant in March in our mountains. You just have to choose which flowers, plants or herbs will brighten up your gardens or balconies.

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La Jardinerie de Taconnaz