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Idées cadeaux Saint Valentin Chamonix

Valentine’s Day Chamonix Vallée

Laurent asked me for advice on how to please his sweetheart next Sunday. Why ? You will not forget anyway, especially you by the way Poussin, it’s Valentine’s Day. Basically, the only day of the year when you can expect to receive a gift just for love!

Like Vanessa, her half is natural, anti-materialist and even less bling-bling, I suggested my mate go to the Taconnaz garden center because they are exactly what she looks like.

Exceptional houseplants for all tastes

Jardinerie de Taconnaz Saint valentin

Ideally, a gift that reminds him of how much he loves her all year round. In other words, an imperishable houseplant.

Precisely, I am coming to this, the Taconnaz garden center is reinventing itself by revisiting traditional plants and modernizing its creations. And yes, green plants are rebelling! Too long condemned to remain on a shelf, abandoned by “his masters”. Barely a glance, just a little water to delay the appearance of wrinkles on its leaves. But is that a life?

From now on, terrariums, or even Aqua roots, no longer want to go unnoticed! They are adorned with ornaments, modern and design accessories to become a real decorative object!
Instead, go see for yourself at the garden center! A veritable parade of “beautiful plants“!

And bud on the plant …

idées cadeaux Saint Valentin

To top it off, to make him believe until the end that no, you are not the type to give a present for Valentine’s Day, ask La Jardinerie to deliver it to you on Sunday morning. The surprise will be unparalleled! And I want to add, guarantees you endless recognition, at least for the whole week!

Laurent loves this idea of ​​a decorative plant! But if you are undecided, what can happen to best satisfy these ladies, let the gardening team guide and advise you on other colorful, natural, modern or traditional plants.

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