The 10 reasons to adopt your stationery in Chamonix : Bureau Services !

10 raisons de choisir ta papeterie à chamonix

On May 19th, we will be free! Back to the office, to the store and even to school for the lucky ones (we would never have said that before)! You’ll have to take inventory of your office equipment, reload your printer with paper and reorganize! Ordering online? What for? Bureau Services, your stationery in Chamonix will satisfy you much more! Here are the 10 good reasons to buy office supplies from them: 

1.         Proximity: go for the local business  

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Beyond the fact that you have activated the solidarity mode in your mind, it is still very practical to have a stationer on the spot. Why travel miles or waste a lot of time looking at the Internet when in no time at all, Bureau Services can meet your needs. 

Top chrono, you park at the Mont-Blanc parking lot (1 hour free), you enter the Alpina gallery and go to visit Carole, Valérie and Alain at Bureau Services. They are not robots who welcome you or a virtual “chatbot”, they are smiling and lively people!

2.         The choice: small store, but big catalog!

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You might think that you won’t find everything in this small local store. There are few multifunction printers in the windows, no office chairs, no laminators, no shears, no trimmers, no computer bags. And yet, this office automation den has all the makings of a great store

The catalog is 962 pages long! From simple pens, to coffee makers, to electrical outlets, to file folders, to fire extinguishers and household products, you can find absolutely EVERYTHING for your business or your everyday life! 

3.         The advice: custom-made purchases

You want, you even demand, a color inkjet printer that can fax, scan, photocopy with inexpensive ink cartridges. My advice: talk to Alain from Bureau Services, explain your needs, the usefulness of such a machine, its frequency of use… Maybe what you have in mind is not really adapted to what you need.

Bureau Services promotes customization. The team advises you and proposes a product according to its final use. Maybe something less expensive than you thought, which corresponds perfectly to your request and especially effective! 

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4.         The price: small and fair

Did you know that the margins of a paper manufacturer are minimal? So maybe on the internet you’ll find prices that defy all competition, but in the end, with the addition of shipping costs, you’re sure you’ll win? 

Bureau Services is not the kind of local store that will ruin you! The prices are fair and correct. To tell you the truth, I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t go there to stock up and work with good, pretty stuff. And wait, the kids are worse than me with their school supplies! I wonder if Bureau Services would be a little addictive….

5.         Quantities: sale by the unit possible

To come back to the prices, indeed you can find cheaper, but for that you have to order 200 pencils, 50 reams of paper, 25 boxes of archives…. What do you do with all this, a collection? 

Buy only what you need in your stationery shop in Chamonix!

6.         The easy way: online ordering possible

At Bureau Services, you can make your own little basket, with just what you need, either in the store or on the very complete website! Yes, you read that right, you can also have your local stationer work from your computer! Even from your couch! You didn’t know that? Relax, it’s going to be fine! 

7.         Delivery: free throughout the valley

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You are a professional and you ordered online (so much easier when you have a schedule of ministers) and well, second good news: Bureau Services delivers for free from Servoz to Vallorcine! And to contribute to the well-being of the planet, in a tricycle in the city center!

No need to travel, Alain brings your order to your place of work and you only pay at the end of the month. A real time and travel saver!

Individuals can benefit from the ease of online ordering, but will have to go to the store to pick up their order. Your advantage? The smile and good mood of Alain, Carole and Valerie! 

8.         Speed: orders received in 2 days

Help, we’re out of paper! In the printer of course… and of course, you have a 200 page file to print by the end of the week. Order from Bureau Services, online or by phone and you’ll be delivered within 24 hours! 

And even if you’re not in a hurry, if you’ve ordered something really specific like a kutch or a mobile display, you’ll have it within 24 hours maximum. 

9.         Student’s paradise: internship reports, portfolio, thesis…

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If you want to print and bind your internship report, don’t panic, just send it by email to Bureau Services and the team will take care of the printing and binding. You can also have documents laminated, photocopied on both sides, in color, black and white, in A4 and A3. So don’t stress, Bureau Service makes it easy for you to get a perfect result! 

You are out of touch with the internet or your computer and you need to send an email? Did you know that you can do it in your Alpina Gallery stationery shop? In short, tell them what you want, they probably have the solution. 

10.       Unsuspected services: large format printing and photo printing.

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You thought your stationery store in Chamonix only sold pens, cards and office essentials? Not only is it full of fine art materials and hobby products, but it also offers a service that will change your habits! 

Bureau Services has just acquired a machine that prints, scans and copies large formats up to 91 x 275 cm (A2, A1, A0)! Posters, banners, posters, plans, patterns, you can have everything printed here in Chamonix! 

And that’s not all! A new photo service has just been launched. Send your prints and Bureau Services will print them up to 21×100 cm! 

The best conditions for a better service!

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Before, you would rush to your keyboard to buy online products that came from “petaouchnok”. Now you’re going to rush to your keyboard to order on the Bureau Services website or by phone if you want advice. You’re in for a treat in Chamonix! Of course you can also stroll around the store and talk to the team! 

Whether you are an individual or a professional, you are lucky enough to have a stationery store in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and after reading this, I am convinced that you will adopt Bureau Services as your reference stationer, right? 

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