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In the mountains, the multitude of possible sports requires a dedicated garage for equipment. If I don’t have enough space, I prefer to rent and equip myself in the temple of mountain sports: Snell Sports.

Why buy when you can rent?

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I love mountains and all the sports that can be practiced there: skiing, mountaineering, climbing, ski touring, trail running … But I am not diligent enough to allow myself to own the gear of each discipline.

My solution is all found: rental at Snell Sports. This institution, closely linked to the history of winter sports in the valley, is a must in Chamonix. 80 years of existence, a name, a pioneering family in the sale of mountain articles, the brand has seen the greatest mountaineers came in. You understand, I have complete confidence in these experts, enthusiasts and practitioners of the mountain, who help you find the best equipment for your practice and your level.

Also, despite my poor skiing skills, I like having a trendy pair. I display them in full view at the altitude refreshment bar, and do not damage them too much … When you rent, you are always in the game!

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Enthusiasts find the perfect fit!

On the other hand, for ski boots, there’s nothing worse than finishing a hike, even with 50 powder snow, with feet covered in blisters! Owning your own shoes is not a luxury, but wise advice if you value your comfort! All the more reason to go to Snell Sports, the boot fitting specialists.

The experts, for whom your satisfaction is their priority, advise you on a pair of shoes adapted to your practice of ski touring (or downhill, or freeride). Then, using a 3D scanner, shape them into the shape of your foot. Crazy, right? And what’s more, this service is included with every shoe purchase in the store!

In short, whether you need a pair of gloves or a Mont-Blanc kit, whether you are a seasoned mountaineer or an intermittent athlete, your happiness is here!

Large selection of brands (over 200) and technical products for your adventures.

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