3 points to convince you to buy school supplies from Bureau Services

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I know, we’re in the middle of the vacations and I’m going to bore you with back to school supplies. Yes, but it’s always better to anticipate, rather than rush on the last notebooks 2 days before school starts! This year, be smarter than the others! If you want to save time, buy quality supplies that will last all year and save your nerves, go to your local store, Bureaux Services !

#1 The advantages of choosing your local stationery store

rentrée scolaire chamonix

Don’t change your habits if :

  • you like to fight in the aisles of a supermarket to get the last blue notebook that everyone has;
  • that you love to play bumper cars with the many shopping carts that fill the aisles;
  • or even better, that your child adds more and more to the cart and that you open your mouth wide when you get to the checkout and discover the price…
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On the other hand, if you want the chore of school shopping to become as easy as a letter in the post; if you want to optimize your time, your patience and your efficiency, it is at Bureau Services, in Chamonix that it happens!

Alain, Carole and Valerie prepare your shopping with the essentials! 2 possibilities :

Either your child is at Frison Roche Middle School, in which case the kit is already prepared. Or he or she is somewhere else, in which case you drop off your school supply list. Let’s take a closer look!

#2 The Frison Roche Basic Kit

The school supplies you need !

kit rentrée bureau services

Whether you are a student at Frison Roche College in Chamonix or elsewhere, you can opt for the basic kit which costs only 40 €! No unpleasant surprises at the checkout!

This kit contains: I think you won’t believe it!

  • 10 notebooks (Conquerors brand) 48 p, large squares, 24X32, plastic cover of different colors
  • 3 notebooks 96p, small squares, 24X32
  • 1 draft book
  • 1 binder
  • 50 perforated plastic pockets
  • 1 magazine holder of 120 pages
  • 1 pocket of drawing sheets 24×32
  • 1 packet of single large-ruled copies
  • 1 package of double large squares
  • 1 package of single copies small squares
  • 1 package of double copies small squares
  • 1 set of dividers

#3 Drop off your back to school list

fournitures de rentrée chamonix

If this basic kit doesn’t quite match your school’s list (other than Frison), send your list by email or drop it off at the store in the Alpina Gallery.

The Bureau Services team will have it ready for you in no time and you can pick up your order whenever you want. You can also make a personalized order.

Let’s think economy

Saving on gas by staying in the upper valley to do your school shopping, saving on the long term, because the quality products of Bureau Services will last all year long. But also economy of the valley. The local shops are what make our valley alive and human too. It’s so much more pleasant to shop without the crowds and with a smile on your face!

Good to know too! Bureau Services covers your books as soon as the school year starts! For 1 € per book, you avoid a cutting and folding workshop. A precious time saved that allows you to do something else.

Message to students

school supplies Chamonix

If you’re not convinced because you think that Bureau Services doesn’t have the latest trendy notebook that everyone else will have, you’re wrong! If you’re a pencil and stationery addict, you can really fill your binder with trendy products at Bureau Services. Discover a large choice of notebooks, agendas, pens…

And maybe I shouldn’t say this, but if your parents have a pro account in the store, it’s so much easier to keep track of your school supplies list… But for that, your parents would have to be smart enough to have thought of it 😉

Choosing Bureau Services to get your school supplies list is a good plan in Chamonix for several reasons: time saving, proximity, quality and great service! Need more?

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