Garden centre in Chamonix

Garden centre in Chamonix

Why this garden center in Chamonix offers a different experience ?

  • Because you walk through the Talèfre Gardens like in botanical garden. The plants are staged.
  • Because you are welcomed by roosters, hens, rabbits, parrots, and children and adults love it.
  • Because it organizes several animations for children.
  • Family garden centre in Chamonix, Pierre and Damien advise you to arrange your garden or to offer the gift which will please for sure!
  • Passionate about gardening, they make their own seedlings, especially tomatoes, varieties that are resistant to cold.
  • This garden centre in Chamonix has the particularity to propose plants of collections.
  • Also on sale: decoration, flowers, gardening equipment…

Spring is coming and the Jardins de Talèfre, the garden centre in Chamonix, is going to put on its colors. Make way for the first seedlings, daffodils, pansies and Easter!

Passionate, Pierre and Damien like to share, especially with the little ones. Don’t miss their various activities, the egg hunt is a must!

«Very different from the usual garden centres, Les Jardins de Talèfre is a walk at the foot of the Mont-Blanc where rare plants mix with chickens and rabbits. » 


  • Consulting for garden design
  • Design proposal in connection with landscape designers
  • Realization of decoration for events
  • OBJECTIVE: Obtain the Botanical Garden label while remaining a garden center. Help them to realize this dream through their Leetchi pot.


  • Open Monday to Saturday:
    • 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 2-6 p.m.
    • Closed on Sunday.
  • Talèfre Gardens events:
    • April 3 to 8: Easter contest
    • April 15: Egg hunt from 10am to 4pm, free
    • June 4: Mother’s Day
    • October 21: Pumpkin carving
    • December 9: Christmas market with the craftsmen of the valley.

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Les jardins de Talèfre