How to carry and communicate with baby thanks to “Les petits kangourous signeurs”

Formation portage bébé en écharpe Chamonix

Becoming a parent is not an easy task! Would I know how to do it? What are the best ways to carry my child ? How to communicate with baby ? So many questions that Phélonise des petits Kangourous signeurs answers through training. Newly arrived in the region, this young mother accompanies parents at home or in collective workshops. The kind of meeting I would have liked to have had 15 years ago…

The interest of babywearing or how to carry your child

formation portage bébé chamonix

Carrying your child without breaking your back and respecting your child’s morphology is not that easy! Do you know the slings ? These long strips of fabric that allow you to carry your child up to 30 kg! (Well ok, that’s if you are really in shape).

Phélonise unravels your reticence about these slings which seem complicated to put in place. Several ways of carrying your baby, several knots are possible. Don’t panic, with the explanations of the little kangaroos signers, carrying with a wrap will no longer hold any secrets for you and above all, you will be conquered!

At home or in a group

Since each baby is different, a home session of about 2 hours is recommended. During pregnancy, with daddy at your side. (It’s so cute when a father carries his child). Then a new session when the child will have grown in order to apprehend the carrying in the back.

Phelonise also organizes “carrying and breastfeeding” workshops. Just like the carrying training, this session can be done at home or in group. In order to breastfeed in complete serenity while having your baby in the wrap, the little kangaroos will explain how to tie your wrap for a most complicit moment.

The different wraps

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  • Woven or knitted wraps
    It is a 4 to 6 m long fabric band that allows many different types of carrying according to the child’s age or preferences
  • Slings
    This is an asymmetrical sling with two rings, which avoids knots. The sling is ideal when breastfeeding.
  • Stretchy slings
    Very stretchy, the love radius is perfect in winter, because it keeps warm. Practical, it can be prepared in advance around you.

Rental of equipment

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Thanks to the little kangaroos signers, spend serene vacations with the rental of various means of carrying. To climb the mountain, what could be better than a sling so that your child is well supported and that you benefit from the comfort of this carrying method?

Phelonise rents slings, preformed baby carriers or hybrid baby carriers (half sling, half baby carrier). In all cases your child will be well supported. He is not suspended and that is much more pleasant for him.

Awakening and signs workshop

How to communicate with baby

communiquer avec bébé

Then you will say to me: why the kangaroos signers? Well, because Phelonise is certified in Awakening and Signs (Eveils et signes). A method that I had never heard of! It is about communicating with your baby during the preverbal period.

Based on French sign language, each key word is associated with a sign. By dint of repetition, the child, unable to speak, makes the sign. Simply incredible!

In a cycle of 4 workshops, this fun and sharing moment can be practiced from birth to about 3 years old. No, but isn’t it wonderful when your child manages to make himself understood without words?

Eveil et signes Chamonix

Stories and rhymes

Nurseries, hotels, private individuals, think of Phélonise to captivate the youngest for 30 minutes! She moves to read and tell stories by integrating signs. A playful and different way to read stories…

Breastfeeding assistance 

Another string to the bow of the little kangaroos signers, Phélonise is the helper. What does she do? She is a volunteer for the association “l’allaitement tout un art” and, on a Facebook group, she gives answers and advice to breastfeeding moms.

How lucky we are (well, I’m too late), she is the only lact’aidante in the area, so don’t hesitate to contact her!

But how I would have liked to have known Phélonise during my pregnancies! Someone who would answer my questions about breastfeeding, who would explain to me clearly and simply how to tie my scarf (it was so good to feel baby so close to you). And above all, to follow his workshops on awakening and signs, that would have allowed me to better understand my babies. Anyway, it may not be too late for you!

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