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When you have a thousand ideas a second, it’s difficult to channel yourself. So do you imagine the challenge for the Coax agency? It took Marie and William to understand and transcribe what I had in mind for my website. No small task and yet, the bet has been won!

Express your desires and know how to listen

webdesigner Chamonix

I wanted a simple and efficient site for you dear readers. A website that is easy to use as a mobile app.

In fine elementary, but not so easy to explain to Marie. Fortunately, this web expert is used to abstract requests like mine and knows how to make them come true.

What really appeals to me about working with Marie and William is their expert advice on how to optimize my site. You can’t always do what you want on the web if you expect good SEO results.

If we want our site to appear at the top of the search engines, we must pay special attention to natural referencing, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to improve our positioning. And there I had knocked on the right door. This optimization work is really their spearhead.

webdesigner Chamonix

Nice design for pleasant navigation

Once your ideas are expressed, it is difficult to visualize them. But when Marie sends you the zonings of your pages (the graphic structure), everything looks crystal clear. Coax was able to transcribe the universe of Monpetitchamonix. Its typography, its colors, its logo; this website matches my concept image perfectly.

Between two files at the office or at the bus stop on your smartphone, suggests ideas for good addresses in the valley and gives you access, at all times, to exclusive tips!

So what do we say? Thanks, Marie and William! (Especially for your patience with me).
For your website creations or redesigns or even SEO optimization, don’t hesitate, contact Coax!

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