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fournitures de bureau Chamonix

Chamonix office supplies.

In your opinion, does Bureau Services only sell stationery in Chamonix? I mean paper and pencils? Of course not ! Do you need office supplies? Well bingo! Your Chamonix paper maker has it all!
Let’s talk about ink pads elsewhere. And nameplates.

Customizable stamps at will!              

commande tampons encreurs
Bon de commande pour vos tampons

Small definition first of all for me, it caught my eye in the 962-page catalog of Bureaux Services. When we talk about stamps, it means the text plate, which is different from the ink pad, which designates the whole device.

Themed stamps

So at Bureau services you can get ink pads already ready as REMINDER, CONFIDENTIAL? URGENT or the one we love, PAID!

You can opt for a date or numberer if you want a clean and professional date or number a bundle of tickets for example.

Custom stamps

Our favorite stamp, of course, is the personalized stamp. The one that looks like us, our signature, with contact details, siret number and why not logo! You can also choose the shape, the material (wood or plastic) and the color of the ink.

The advantage of ordering it from your stationer in Chamonix is that you will get exactly what you asked for. No unpleasant surprises, bonus advice and receipt of the order (free of postage) on Tuesday if you order on Thursday.

And don’t throw away your old ink pad! You can change the refill or ink cassette.

Put your plate on!

plaques signalétiques Chamonix

I’m not done with the “What ? there is that too !”
Who would have thought that Bureau Services, in the Alpina Gallery, provided nameplates? No need you tell yourself? We are not all fortunate to be able to affix, it is true, our professional plate of health practitioner or lawyer. How touching it must be to put your brass name on the door of your practice! Yes, but we can all stick our nameplate on our mailbox!

Where can a nameplate be made in Chamonix? Where do I get your answer? You’re not so off the mark after all if you answered Bureau Services!

And you know, ask Alain for your catalog and leafing through it, for sure, you’ll say: “What ? there is that too !”

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