BUREAU SERVICES : To try it is to adopt it !

papeterie à Chamonix, Fourniture de bureau

We are not talking about an animal losing its hair. When I say trying it is adopting it, I’m talking about Alain, the boss of Bureau Services! Nor is it about taming this most jovial man, but testing his professional website with free deliveries in the valley.

Small quantity for large service 

papeterie Chamonix

You are convinced that stationery products on the internet are much cheaper than in your local store. But when we want 10 pens and online we only offer boxes of 50, what do you do, start a collection, give them to the whole neighborhood? Why go overboard when Alain can provide just what you need?

And do you know why you will prefer to source your office automation from Alain? Because it delivers quickly and for free to professionals! And guess what, Bureau services does not only offer paper and pencils. Hygiene products, packaging, safe, fire extinguishers, office furniture, you will find absolutely everything you need in the store catalog. Bureau services is also online stationery. You don’t even have to move!

Proximity = security

Who says proximity, says advice and availability. You want to change your printer and you don’t know anything about it. You buy one in a supermarket, without asking anyone for advice, and you finally pull your hair out during installation. Worse, you realize that the price of ink cartridges is exorbitant! Annoying, right?

Alain would have recommended a model depending on the use of the printer. No nasty surprises with Bureau Services, only solutions that provide a good service, hence its name probably.

Stationery, office automation, ecological delivery, sustainable commerce

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