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Stationery online and in the Galerie Alpina, in Chamonix.

That’s it, I saw hope written in black and white! 2021! 4 numbers from which we expect a lot! And you know who gave me the scoop of this nice gift for morale? It was Alain from Bureau Services who gave me his big and beautiful new catalog! In addition, a green pencil, the color of our hopes, stands proudly on the cover. Could this herald a recovery in the office?

From the Extraordinary to the Ordinary

Bureau services Chamonix

Okay, it’s a catalog! Well, no, it’s a paving stone, even a bible, for pencil or computer junkies. It is especially the exposure of your stationer! No don’t blush, I’m talking about everything this little boutique in the Alpina gallery is capable of providing!

In addition to calculators, notepads, envelopes or a ream of paper, we discover over the pages that you can also order keyboards, ergonomic office chairs, coffee to feed the office machine, cleaning products and even office furniture! And then the big novelty of this year, masks and personal protections!

Scoop: the professional site could be extended to individuals

stationery online bureau services Chamonix

Should we remember that professionals in the valley have access to the professional Bureau Services site and benefit from free delivery within 24 hours? When I think that some still order on the internet, at the other end of France while Bureau services has everything you need and with unparalleled service!

Well, listen to this: in the course of 2021, this website should become accessible to individuals in the Chamonix valley. Running out of ink cartridges or even batteries? Neither one nor two, you will order on the Bureau services site and Alain will deliver to you within 24 hours at your place of work (in the valley). Isn’t that good news?

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