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She can never get enough! Without lying, I think that on his desk, I have 200 pencils! And there, what does she tell me? “I would like Pro Markers“! What do you want, my daughter is an artist and it seems that whims are all about creativity. To understand his whims, I went to inquire with our favorite stationer: Bureau Services.

The temple of painters, designers, illustrators …

beaux-arts chamonix

I knew that by going to Bureau Services, which you know doesn’t sell just reams of paper and ink cartridges, I would find answers to my many artistic questions.

So what are Pro markers? She just turned 60 Posca at Christmas and that’s not enough? But why ??? Alain, Valérie and Carole explain to me that with these markers, you can color in a uniform and impeccable way or to blend and blend the colors to create an infinite number of shades. It is the essential tool for illustrating. Indispensable, just that?

But what about the Posca? Well, these are water-based paint markers to create on everything (plastic, wood, cardboard, paper, glass, textiles…) Very useful too, I suppose, for artists. It must be said that the colorful briefcases of this brand invite creation.

The fine arts and their many facets

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If I understand correctly, when you have a creative mind, to achieve realization, you need a complete toolbox.
So I can expect my daughter to ask me soon, charcoals, pastels, India ink, acrylic paint, oils, watercolors, graphite pencils and even the easel with various canvases ? (Canvas frames, cardboard and all sizes …)

Fortunately, Bureau services has all of this. If it’s not on the shelf, it’s certainly available to order, obviously free of charge, and advice as a bonus!

Morality: Art and creativity have no limits and if you have an idea, go to Bureau Services to make it happen.

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