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Bike restoration Chamonix

Why restore your bike at Novellox ?

  • Your bike is old, but you still want to ride it? Don’t throw it away! Entrust it to Lucas at Novellox, Chamonix’s bike restoration specialist!
  • The neo-retro world of Novellox puts the spotlight on upcycling.
  • Completely dismantled and cleaned, you get back a bike that’s maybe 20 years old, as good as new!
  • For the past 2 years, Lucas’ workshop has not only been a paradise for retro bikes, but also a hot spot for many cyclists!
  • We love the retro ambience of the studio and relaxing in one of the deckchairs with a cup of coffee.
  • Lucas is passionate about sharing his repair bike techniques on his blog.

Where can you restore your bike in Chamonix, at least in the valley? Head for Taconnaz, in Les Houches, not far from the Chemin des Villages. On Route de la Croix, Novellox is an eye-catching bicycle workshop with a vintage decor and a neo-retro feel.

Lucas has a passion for restoring old bikes and seeing them off like new again! He has a knack for making cycling textiles and bicycles of yesteryear fashionable!

So if you’d like to revive your grandfather’s bike and follow in his footsteps, entrust your two-wheeler to Novellox!

Vintage modern or neo-retro, if you want to look good on two wheels, recycle your road bike or mountain bike! Why throw away when you can restore?



  • His second-hand bike textile and new vintage clothing boutique! So vintage! So trendy!
  • The store is also online !


  • Novellox offers you blog posts on how to repair your bike yourself! Are you serious? I’ll take a look right away!
  • If you see the flag not far from Novellox, the workshop is open!
  • Open Wednesday noon to Friday 6pm.

Check the good addresses of mon petit Chamonix.